Your Soulful Energy Shines Bright From You And That Is What Makes You Attractive According to The Zodiac

It is often thought that men only fall in love with women who have great bodies and looks, this just isn’t true.

Yes, the initial impact is based on looks, but the long term evolves from being with someone who keeps them enchanted every day.


You are full of courage, energy, enthusiastic and blunt person. If someone should say to you ‘let’s go bungee jumping’ you’re all in.

You are not afraid to take the initiative in a relationship and you love any challenges that may come from that.

You love spending time with someone who is an adrenaline junkie and direct in all they do, and it is this that makes you so appealing to men.


You are patient and seriously reliable and men love that about you.

You are affectionate and have a big heart, you are willing to open your heart and soul to the right man.

You are romantic and spontaneous and this appeals to men who need little surprises and see the effort in the relationship.


You are a fireball and that is what draws men to you.

You are full of enthusiasm for life and make life fun to live. You don’t like routine and there’s plenty of men who feel the same way.

You are highly intelligent and can hold your own in many conversations and men love that about you as they have no idea what is going to come out of your mouth next.


You are protective of those you love, faithful and a bit of a home lover.

You stand your ground and whilst some men won’t like this about you, there are plenty out there who will be drawn to you because of this.

You can be a bit of a dreamer and share your hopes and dreams with your man, and together you can be found working to make those dreams come true.


You are creative, charming and boy are you demanding.

You do have an enormous ego and that makes you stand out from other women around you.

You can be very opinionated, and some men love that, they sit up and take notice of you, and should you feel not heard then the ‘lioness roar’ makes sure you are, men like your challenging ways and they adore you for it.


You are disciplined, rational and reflective, this appeals to some men as they think they will always know where they stand with you, wrong!

Although you are disciplined you can at times be known to change your mind, but you always give a reason for this and it’s this inclusive behavior that attracts men to you.

You are respectful to all unless pushed to be otherwise and men love being respected.


You are elegant, intelligent and attractive to all around you, especially men.

They are enchanted by you and your happy go lucky outlook on life.

You are a perfect partner as you encourage your man to grow and be independent but always part of a team of two. He loves your support in his growth and never feels the desire to stray very far from your side.


You are very spiritual, full of emotions, yet at times reserved, this intrigues men and they want to know more about you.

You can be sensitive and sweet; the reality is you are strong and dominant they just don’t realize it until later.

Men love this about you, and it makes them want to dig deeper into your psyche and learn all there is to know about you.


You are active, cheerful, optimistic and independent all roll up into one beautiful woman.

You are organized and this make you difficult to influence and change your mind, thus making you a challenge for any man, and men do love a challenge.

You do, however, love a surprise outing that will make you laugh and be entertained, this is such a conflict that it will keep any man on his toes.


You are cautious yet determined, timid and a lover of culture.

You are an achiever and are typical of those who have a deep passion to make a difference to the world no matter how small.

You settle down in life and keep a man grounded when he needs it the most, men admire you for this and find you the perfect wife material.


You are independent, attractive and very seductive of the whole zodiac.

You ooze charm and have high intelligence that keeps a man interested in you all the time whether that be as a friend or a partner.

You make friends easily and relationships are easy for you too. You do have a little mystery about you and men love to find out what is behind the mystery of who you are.


You are feminine, affectionate, tender and extremely sensitive, you have great compassion and are romantic.

You appear very fragile to men, but they are wrong, it is just your spiritual side protecting you from any predators.

You love to put little love notes in your man lunch pack and send random unexpected loving text messages, this keeps him interested and he loves that you do that for him.