Your Good And Bad Side According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have a good and bad side to us, it’s called being human, but according to the zodiac, our differences are driven by the star signs we are born under.


Good side: You are optimistic and a problem solver, there is no problem that you won’t try your best to solve whether it is your own problem or those you love. You are friendly and people love spending time with you.

Bad side: You can be hot-headed and your temper is not something you are always able to control; you can be a bit bossy at times but that is because you enjoy being a leader.


Good side: You are a great friend and once you make a friend, they are a friend for life. You are very loyal and will often put your friend and family before yourself, as you view their needs are greater than yours.

Bad side: As you would expect you are stubborn and you can at times be lazy especially if what is going on is of little interest to you. You have no idea how to compromise as you think you are always right.


Good side: You are a social butterfly and people love spending time with you as you are fun to be around. You have amazing communication skills and love to tell jokes which keep people laughing and entertained.

Bad side: You can be moody and your mood changes as often as the wind. You are gossiper and a liar which puts people off you which is a total contrast to your good side which is why people are confused by you.


Good side: You love to take care of people and you get along with most people. You have no idea how to hate people its just not in your nature. You are creative and have a great sense of humor and you are compassionate and at times emotional.

Bad side: Due to your sensitive side you take things personally, you can’t always look at things from a neutral perspective, and that is what gets to you. You can also be very insecure and self-critical.


Good side: You have a kind heart and are good to everyone even those that don’t deserve it. You will always protect those you care about and are a true and trusted friend. This makes you popular and people love you for this behavior.

Bad side: You can be self-centered and think you are always right and knows what is best for others even if they don’t ask for advice you give it which can prove to be irritating for those around you.


Good side: You are one of life problem solvers, it is due to your down to earth and analytical mind. You are blunt and will tell people what you think and you prove to be a loyal friend. You are orderly and help keep your loved ones who struggle with the order.

Bad side: Due to your analytical mind everything has to be in order and life just isn’t made that way. You believe your way is the only way to live and you can be very critical of others.


Good side: You are an all-round good person and this is why people like your company and are comfortable to be themselves around you. You will give your time freely to those that need it even when your time management isn’t as strong as it could be.

Bad side: Decision making isn’t your strong point and that is why your timekeeping can be a challenge for you. You can be overly sensitive rather than letting any small issues roll on by.


Good side: You can be orderly and that makes you a good leader. You solve problems and have excellent listening skills. People know they can trust you with anything they tell you. You are a strong person and a fighter and will not allow things to bring you down.

Bad side: When you are angry with someone you hold on to that anger for a long time, you hold grudges and have been known to seek vengeance which can put people on their guard when it comes to any friendship with you.


Good side: You love to travel and have adventures. You always look on the bright side of life. You know how to have a good time and believe life is for living to the full and having people of the same outlook as friends are important to you.

Bad side: You can have a bad temper and focus on the small stuff and you never fully trust people. You have a poker face which leaves people wondering just what are you thinking.


Good side: You always treat people the way you would like to be treated, you are a hard worker and you always what the best of what life can offer you. You are wise beyond your years and will always look to making your future secure.

Bad side: You need to hear positive things about yourself all the time as people’s opinions matter to you. You are almost obsessive in this regard which can leave those around you drained through your constant demands of reassurance.


Good side: You are a smart person who oozes sophistication which leads to people enjoying your companionship. You love to be challenged and push yourself to your limits to get what you want out of life.

Bad side: You are not very good under pressure it causes you stress and you can say and do things that people find offensive.


Good side: You are a good listener and because of this your friends trust you; you do all you can to help those that are going through a tough time. You are compassionate and loving to those that matter.

Bad side: You can be extremely lazy and you manipulate people to get what you want and you have no thought for the upset and pain that you are causing them.