You May Not Know It But These Are The Signs You Are An Alpha Woman And You Do It So Well

You just know when you are in the presence of an alpha woman. She is masterful in all she does, poised and completely aware of her self-worth. Whilst some can lack the courage of the direction that they want their life to be, an alpha woman knows exactly what she wants, who she is and gives no apology for it.

Do you wonder if you are an alpha woman? Here are ten signs that you could be.

1. The spotlight is always on you.

The spotlight is always on you whether you want it to be or not. You ooze confidence and everyone you come into contact with sees that in you. In the work environment your peers look up to you and you nearly always take the lead on any project and people love seeing you in action.

In social gatherings, your energy just flows from you. You are the life and soul of the party and people thrive being around you and involved with you even on the smallest level. They look forward to spending time in your company and you are always on the invites list.

2. You live with purpose.

You totally live life to the full and always with a purpose. You have your goals and you go all out to achieve them. You look for things that will feed your soul and keep you balanced and happy as for you, your physical, mental and spiritual goals are the name of the game.

You are not a quitter no matter how hard things get, you see obstacles as a healthy challenge and know that through hard work you can get to the end and you absolutely love seeing the end results. You encourage others to be that way too and people see that as a great positive to your personality.

3. You are not afraid of being alone.

A romantic relationship does not and will not ever define you. You see the end of a relationship as nature taking its course. You know that life can be accomplished whether in a relationship or not and you are more than happy to be single for a while as you know that alone time is good for you.

You use the alone time to plan your future goals. Catch up with friends and family when you feel like it. You even look at the alone time as when you can catch up on things you enjoyed doing but fell on the wayside for a while due to your commitment to the relationship, something as simple as reading a book you’ve been putting off for a while becomes a bonus moment in time.

4. You understand the importance of balance.

You know how important balance is in your life. Your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is what drives you to be successful in all that you do, so you work on these areas of your life with as much drive and ambition as you would a work project, as far as you are concerned to achieve these makes a better you.

You treat your mind, body and soul as if they were a temple and you know that in doing so you become a better person. You are always looking for ways to improve yourself, especially at an intellectual level as you know that will always work in your favor. You know knowledge is wisdom and that is a very powerful thing.

5. You embrace change.

Most people hate change, it terrifies them, the unknown, so many love to live in their comfort zone, but a comfort zone is not where you will find an alpha woman. You know change is good and, in that change, you grow as a person, you know there will be some sacrifices along the way, perhaps even a change of career, but you embrace those changes.

As far as you are concerned if you can continue to grow and use every opportunity for self-growth then you are truly being the best for yourself and that is what is important to you.

6. You know how to love.

It is a great misconception that alpha women are so self-sufficient and have no real idea how to love, in fact, it is often viewed as the only people they love are themselves which is wrong. Alpha women know how to love, and they love deeply although it would be right to say they are guarded in love until they find the right person who is worthy of their love and why shouldn’t they be?

You don’t wait for love to find you as you know that just doesn’t happen in real life, this isn’t Disney land after all. You are in no way afraid of making the first move if someone interests you, and once you are involved with someone you give your usual 110%, your love is unconditional.

7. You are very much misunderstood.

We live in a society that has this preconceived idea of what a woman should be like and that does not fit your way of thinking and living at all. You make no apology for your opinions and the way you choose to live and why should you? You live by what you believe in and there is nothing other people can say or do once you have made your mind up.

The fact that you are strong, confident and know your self-worth can be intimidating to those around you, that is not your problem at all. You will not change who you are just to fit into society’s conception of what a woman should be. You are a woman of power and the instigator of change and your boldness makes you formidable and one to admire not fear.

8. You are an uncontrollable risk taker.

You know life is a risk, hell living is a risk, what others may see as a reckless woman you see as a self-developer, a woman who can step out of the comfort zone of life and your courage shines through. Taking risks is what life is all about as far as you are concerned.

9. You know that you don’t know.

Unlike some who think they know everything, you as an alpha woman know that you don’t know everything and are willing to listen and learn from others. You are not arrogant or self-absorbed although you can be labelled this unfairly by those that you have only spoken up to when they are acting the all-knowing guru when in fact, they are just an ass.

You are always in the pursuit of knowledge and are willing to self-teach if need be. You know when to step aside for those who have a better understanding and in doing so you learn new skills and it enhances you even more.

10. You never give up.

Alpha women have this amazing quality of never giving up. You will not let anything beat you if it knocks you down you get back up and keep getting back up until you have achieved your goals, some mistake this for stubbornness and can’t understand why you don’t just give up.

Your perseverance is what gives you your unique freedom of choice and how you live. You know being bold and courageous will be what gets you noticed and where you want to be in life.

Yay for all the alpha women, may we be them and may we always shine a light for the new alphas yet to come.