You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Sees Your Worth

People who think you’re more than enough should be the only people you allow to love you. Only they should be the one who is able to get your time and attention. This is for all of us. Don’t accept anyone who does not notice your worth.

You probably don’t even believe in this type of love because you’re so accustomed to people giving you less than what you actually deserve. There are very few who’ll love you to that extent.
You deserve someone who doesn’t leave.

Be with someone who has waited for you patiently.

Someone who’ll put up with you no matter what without leaving you. Even when you decide to create distance, he’ll want to come swinging back because he doesn’t want to leave you alone. He’ll crush the walls you’ve built like a wrecking ball and make his way all the way in your heart.

You deserve someone who’ll make you feel secure.

He’ll make you feel secure by being someone that won’t leave, even in your hardest times. He’ll be someone you can count on even when it feels like everything is falling apart. He won’t make you question your worth and he will love all of your flaws. He’ll accept you with everything that you have – even your imperfections.

You deserve someone who’ll crave you.

He’ll be thinking about you when he wakes up and when he goes to sleep. You’ll be the first and the last thing to be on his mind the entire day. He doesn’t mind calling first, texting to make sure you’re alright and just generally wanting to hear from you when you’re away. You won’t be begging for his attention because that’s not what you deserve.

You deserve a caring man.

You know the type of care where he gets worried if he doesn’t hear from you all day. Someone who doesn’t only pretend to care but genuinely has feelings. He’ll be excited to know what you’ve been up to, what’s on your mind and how your day was. He’ll care about your likes and dislikes and respect your opinions.

You deserve unconditional love.

You need to learn that you don’t deserve a person who’s going to point out your negative qualities. You deserve someone who will brag about the good traits you possess in front of the world. They accept you for all that you are. He won’t only be sweet to you, but also dirty when required.

The type of sweet and dirty where he’ll be opening doors for you but once you enter before him, he’ll be slapping your butt. He’ll be your soulmate and life partner, all in one.

You deserve someone who knows you’re the most important person in their life.

You deserve someone who won’t treat you as an option, but who’s so sure that they know you’re the one for them. They know you’re only for them and always will be at all times. He’ll choose you every day over every other girl and will love you, even more, each day.

You deserve someone who’ll never make you feel like your love is too much for them to take.

They won’t make you feel like a burden and won’t ever have enough of your love. He’ll support you and believe in your dreams and will always crave more of you.

You’re someone who deserves a person who’ll go crazy at the thought of losing you because of how amazing you are and how crazy he’s in love with you. If he’s giving you all of this then he deserves you and your love.