You Are Not Just An Empath, You’re A Warrior Empath And That Makes You Incredible

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals and they have the ability to perceive and absorb the energy of those around them, whether that be mental or emotional. They are gifted souls who have a higher purpose in life.

When you encounter an Empath-Warrior then you have encountered a person who is not only empathic but they are fearless about it too. That is about as powerful as it can get.

They are courageous, determined, strong and bold and they bring changes to all around them. Not all empaths are warriors too, below are signs of the combination that sets them apart from the rest.

1. They often get lost in their thoughts

An empath-warrior has a strong mind and because of this they often get lost in their thoughts, they may see something around them for what it truly is whilst others remain almost blindfolded to the reality of life.

They sometimes battle with their own minds which is never a battle won or lost, they overthink everything, they can often be found daydreaming which is their mind showing them different outcomes to a situation.

They get lost in thought without even being aware they are until someone brings them back to the current time by talking to them, they are often misunderstood especially in the workplace as they can be viewed as lazy which is far from the truth.

2. They have visions of changing things around them

They see life very differently. They are constantly seeing how things could be done differently and what that outcome would be. They have visions that remind them things need to change and at times may feel like they are going mad.

What they are experiencing is messages that something around them needs to change and they have been chosen to deliver that message. This sadly is where they are often mocked by those that have no understanding of what it is like to be an empathic-warrior.

When they start to experience this, it is yet another part of their journey through this life, they have a deeper connection to the world around them and once they begin to see what needs to be done, they are relentless in what they do to make changes happen.

3. They need encouragement

They often appear confused, this is down to so much going on in their minds trying to make sense of it all that they feel drained. When they feel like this it goes a long way if you give them encouragement and despite them being strong, stand up for them should someone ridicule them.

They do at times doubt themselves and if they are not even aware that they are an empathic-warrior they may seek medical advice as they think they have some underlining mental health condition.

4. They have constant inner struggles

Imagine having a constant battle going on in your head, it’s noisy, it’s loud and it’s distracting, that is why for a time they seem unable to complete even the simplest tasks. They are compassionate people with a fearless drive to be kind to all, this is why so many empathic people are subjected to abuse by toxic people.

They will experience confusion when they have been around toxic people and they struggle to understand why this happened to them when normally they can see in advance of any negativity in their surroundings. Their soul will become tired and fractured and they will struggle with this until their warrior part kicks back in and then watch out toxicity you’re about to have your ass kicked.

5. They feel like no one understands them

We all experience times in our lives when we feel people closest to us just don’t understand us. For an empathic-warrior, they feel this all the time and it may result in them picking more carefully who they tell what they are going through.

You will find people who have empathy are more drawn to other empaths this is because they feel safer with them and can express themselves without fear of being thought insane.

They never feel lonely, but they do at times feel alone, they are in touch with their deepest fears, their deepest emotions and that’s a place if we are honest most of us dread to go.