Yes, We Know We’re Intimidating It’s Both A Blessing And A Curse

There are those of us that can literally blindside people just by our very presence. We always follow through to the end with our plans and will always be found thinking outside the box. We are doers not followers and that can cause some people to be intimidated by us and perhaps even scare people a little.

We can read people and situations very quickly and we can spot any and all bullshit from a mile away. We know when someone is being truthful and when they are just plain lying to us.

We detest any kind of game playing and when we see that going on, we call that person on it without a moment’s hesitation which makes us appear intimidating, but you know what. Why should we tolerate bullshit, that’s disrespectful and downright rude, to even think its okay to be that way with us.

We don’t waste time doing the small talk and going around the houses to get to the point. We think it, we say it, job done. This gets us a reputation of being ‘blunt’, ‘brutal’ and ‘too honest for our own good’ but give me honestly any day of the week.

We can’t stand gossip and dislike gossipers even more, as we want facts not fiction and we know if the person sits there and gossips to us you can be sure they talk shit about us when our back is turned too.

You won’t find us being part of a pack and following pack rules especially if they don’t reflect our personal values, integrity means a lot to us. We are very independent which can at times be a lonely place, but for us, we find it is our happy place as we just simply don’t have time to waste.

People often struggle with us as they don’t understand us. We are absolutely not one of life’s whiners we just deal with whatever comes our way, our motto is ‘If I did it, I own it, I deal with it.’

We have little time for complainers and even less for those that blame others for their own failings, laziness irritates us and procrastinators are even worse in our minds, for goodness sake make a decision and stick to it.

We don’t concern ourselves with what other people have wishing we had it too, we are the ones in life that are happy for what people have and when we congratulate people on their achievements, we mean it, nothing fake to see here!

We simply don’t want to waste our energy on having to battle the green-eyed monster, that’s a negative emotion and thought process and has no place in our lives. We know that our ability to be like this will surprise some people and they may even be envious of us for this.

We do love and look for new opportunities as that is what feeds our soul the most. We are always up for a challenge, no comfort zone for us. Should we find ourselves having a setback we look at that as a gift, a way to reset our thinking and move on.

We often look for new jobs once we feel we are beginning to stagnate in the role we are currently in. This can give the impression we are bored, non-committal, it’s not true we just know when it is time to move on.

We do admit that we find it hard to tolerate people that behave in an ignorant manner and have closed minds as our minds are so open and looking for a way forward, we have no wish to stay stuck in old ways in the past.

There is no excuse for people behaving in an ignorant manner and we are not slow in calling people out on it, and that is often where our reputation of being intimidating comes from.

We can be as polite as possible when speaking to someone who is quite frankly being an ass, and we still get labelled, but then again as no one likes to be called on their shit we view their comments of us being intimidating as meaning fuck they caught me out!

We are fully aware that being like this can cause us to miss out on great opportunities such as scaring people away who could have been great friends or partners, but if they were really interested in us, they would have stayed and got to know us before judging us wouldn’t they.

We do eventually find people like us, a tribe in a sense that is not a pack just like-minded people.

So, embrace your intimidating personality, live your life the way you want to and to hell with what anyone else thinks, after all, we are living a life that is a blessing and a curse and it’s not so bad.