Yes Saying Your Goodbyes To Your Soulmate Are Painful But Sometimes Life Is Unpredictable

Our forever person is our life partner, the one who stays by our side till our last breaths. They aren’t the ones we can easily bid farewell to. They are our “one and only” person. Our partner is everything. The eternal love of our lives. Our forever person has the ability to make us feel special, in a way like we have never experienced before. The one who brings our hearts at peace, and our makes us satisfied and content in our life.

They are the ones who make us feel all warm and cosy when they look at us. They make you feel safe and secure as they hold you closer to themselves in a tight embrace. Even if the whole world is against you, I can guarantee that this person won’t leave your side no matter how difficult the situation is. They are the ones who lift us up when we fall. They make the good days memorable, and the bad days, bearable. Whether it’s that small bonus a work, they make sure to celebrate the smallest of your achievements. They also give some of the best hugs when the days are difficult and we feel down.

But sometimes fate has other plans in store for us. The very person that we can’t imagine living without, the same person who is our strength is taken away from us. Yes saying your goodbyes are painful but sometimes life is unpredictable. So how do you come to terms with your loss? How do you heal yourself once you know that the relationship is over? How can you make the grieving process bearable?

First things first, you should begin by acknowledging the fact that they were an important part of your life and they are irreplaceable. You owe it to them for all the love and contentment they showered and how they bought value to your existence. But you need to accept the harsh truth that the both of you were together for a limited amount of time and now destiny has planned distinct life paths for you to follow. With love comes the pain of detachment but remember that only love cannot guarantee a successful relationship.

You need to practice gratitude and realize that you were lucky enough to meet this wonderful person and experience love at its best. The intimacy, the reliability and the trustworthy relationship that you both shared is a distant reality for others. So say your final goodbyes and farewells, but do it with grace, respect, and compassion. Be grateful to this person that they came in your life to enlighten you, recognize that they added value to your life and with the utmost respect, have the courage to let them go and move on further.

Always remember that once you have gratitude for the people in your life, regardless of former or current acquaintances, you slowly begging to appreciate that one person who will never leave your side, someone who will always have your back- and that someone is YOU. You are the one who will experience all the good bad and bad in life, you are the one who will face tough situations and twisted mindsets, but in the end, YOU are the one who is going to lift yourself up when others knock you down. Your resiliency and your courage will motivate you to keep going. Therefore, make sure that you realize your worth.

Make sure that cherish and nurture the bond you have with yourself. Acknowledge your achievements and capabilities, whether it’s your strengths or your shortcomings, love yourself truthfully and unconditionally. Know that you absolutely deserve the best. Be proud of yourself that you gave your whole heart and soul to the love of your life, you had the courage to be vulnerable to this person, you opened up to love this person deeply even if the love didn’t last. Be proud of the person you have evolved into. Recognize that you are truly valuable and a rare sight in today’s superficial world where beauty and money are the idealizations for many.