Work Before 10am Is Similar To Actual Torture, According To Scientists

A discovery has been made recently by a scientist at Oxford University, Dr. Paul Kelly, which is apparently a form of torture that we all suffer from.

He studied the modern forms of torture and found out that working before 10am is one of them. We have all been a victim of this, as majority of people that go to schools and to work have to wake up around 8am in order to show up on time. Maybe that is the reason why most of us are almost always sleep deprived, physically and emotionally drained and aren’t able to give our best in general productivity.

He goes on to explain Circadian Rhythm that is basically a body clock that everyone has. This body clock has its own programming that cannot be changed. For that reason, it affects our health when we wake up and try to work by forcing our brain and body. Essentially, we are fighting the body clock.

Basically it is a 24 hour cycle that exists in the physiological processes of not only humans but other living beings too that include plants, animal and even fungi and bacteria. These circadian rhythms are generated endogenously however the external cues such as sunlight and temperature may play a part in modulating it. They are important because they help us determine the sleeping and eating patterns of living beings of all kinds. Clear patterns of brain wave activity, cell regeneration, hormone production are linked to this cycle along with other biological activities.

Dr. Paul Kelly adds that lack of sleep or sleep deprivation is what people all around the globe suffer which is not good for health. Along with sleep deprivation comes stress in both physical and emotional forms.

The theory presented by him was also applied in a school in Britain where the timings were changed from 8:30 to 10:00. They were able to see improved students grades, along with increased number of children showing on time and increase in productivity.

Dr. Paul Kelly states, “It is hugely damaging on the body’s systems because you are affecting physical, emotional and performance systems in the body…”

This leads us to a question that after knowing all of this, why do we still do it? Why are we damaging our health and body?

Well, in order to maximize the factory productivity the 8 hour working day was created in the beginning of the 20th century. We are still stuck in the old system where people did not know about the human body clock and wanted us to coordinate our level of productivity with the bosses timetable instead of the sunlight.

You will know you’ve had enough sleep once you stop feeling overtired and overworked. In order to keep themselves working, Americans spend about 40 billion dollars on coffee yearly hence, becoming energy drink intoxicated people.

People would be happier and more productive only if they knew how their body clock was programmed and followed it. Waking up according to the body means healthier life.