Women stabs boyfriend for looking at nude photos of her daughter!!

What would you do if you found your boyfriend looking at photos you considered compromising of your young child? Sadly, Trysh Brown, doesn’t have to ask herself anymore unfortunately. Most mothers would say they would want to hurt or even attack a man who would do such a thing. But I would guess that wouldn’t be what would happen most of the time. But Trysh isn’t like most mothers and she took matters into her own hands immediately.

The original story

The police arrived at 4 a.m. at an apartment in Bridgeport, CT in the Park Street area.

A man was screaming, and the cops found him sitting on the sidewalk, soaking in blood. He ended up in a Bridgeport Hospital; the same officers also found a woman covered in blood.

Brown, from Connecticut, told the police that she woke up and saw her boyfriend looking at naked photos of her young daughter on his cellphone,

She claims he hit her, adding that that’s when she grabbed two kitchen knives. The woman added: “he is a big man.”

Knives out

Though it sounds like self-defense, the biggest issue is that Brown stabbed 8-10 times and is in critical condition.

During her hearing, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Dunn advised Superior Court Judge Kevin Doyle to set a high bail for Brown.

“She stabbed him eight to 10 times and he is in critical condition,” Dunn said.

However, after discussing with an investigator, Dunn said they had new information to support Brown’s claim she acted in self-defense. He told the judge it is under investigation.

How can you prove that someone was staring at the pictures of a child? Or worse: is it even possible to prove that someone had ill intentions with the photos?

GoFundMe page is up

Brown’s sister started a GoFundMe page to help her sister get out on bail.

The sister says that Trish Brown was a victim of domestic violence, trying to protect her 9-year-old daughter.

In a statement on the page, the sister of the defendant states that Trish did what any other parent would’ve done to keep their child safe.


“She has no prior records. She needs to be free and reunited with her daughter & have Justice brought on her name. Her total bail is 75,000, But we need 10% of that to get her free. The family is doing all we can to help get my sister out.”

Friends and family also started a hashtag #freetryshbrown and a petition on change.org.

Was boyfriend a predator? We still can’t tell, but we will continue to follow this story.