When You Find Your Self-Respect, You Stop Doing Certain Things

Respecting yourself is crucial when you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Self-respect means that you know what you are worthy of and this will give you a solid guideline on what you want in life. When you put yourself first, you are not afraid of judgement and you accept your distinct and unique self, without giving a second thought on what people think about you.

It takes time for someone to reach the stage of being comfortable and content with their own life. It is an accomplishment and you deserve a pat on the back for reaching this far. When you have reached this stage, you must have noticed some changes in yourself.

Some of the things you find yourself no longer doing are:

Going out when you don’t feel like it

You don’t care what other people think about you. The only thing you should be concerned with is your emotional and mental well being. If you feel like being an introvert on a Saturday night, then just do it. If you feel like partying on a weekday night, you have the right to do so. You have stopped living your life the way people want you to live.

Justifying your actions to others

When you finally accept who you are, you don’t need to give validation about your life, job or about anything, to every other person out there. Since they don’t make any important decisions in your life, you don’t need to explain anything to them.

Being a victim that needs to be saved by others

You have realized that the only person to help you is your own self. You are done allowing others to feel sorry for you. You know that by being weak and vulnerable, you are making yourself a bait for toxic and manipulative people.

Listening to people complain about their lives

You have stopped engaging in conversations that don’t interest you anymore. These habits no longer waste your time. It allows you to make time to do something you love.

You have stopped making excuses for your failed dreams

You have become immune to the fear of failing. You are going towards the life you want, and you are ready to take down anything that comes in between you and your goals.

You refuse to accept meaningless apologies

You no longer accept a person’s fake remorse towards you. Genuine and true apologies and empathies are what gravitates you towards a person. You will not give your trust back to anyone just because they said a weak and forced “sorry”.

You don’t blame others for your personal issues

You know that you are responsible for your own life. The consequences are for you to face. You no longer burst out in anger at other people. You now know that being mean to others for your own mistakes will only make you the bad person at the end of the day.

You no longer give people second chances

You stay away from toxic and manipulative people. You are no longer the forgiving friend, the helping hand or the kind soul. You don’t give your time or energy to people anymore who don’t deserve it.

You no longer make yourself available 24/7

You don’t listen to people and their rambling anymore. You don’t have to listen to their long drawn out calls unless you want to, you did enough of that in the past. You need to look after yourself. If listening to them is causing you to neglect yourself then you need to stop doing this.

Caring what others think about you

You are comfortable if someone doesn’t approve of you. You will not change yourself just to be likeable to other people. You are not afraid of being judged anymore.