What Your Guardian Angel Wants You To Know About When You Keep Seeing The Numbers 444 Together

All numbers have their own energy, the number 444 seen in this sequence is the most important of all. They represent the 4 elements of the world: earth, water, air and fire. The numbers are directly connected to the Archangels. The numbers also represent inner-wisdom, hard work, stability, honesty and determination. They also are known as the Angel number.

The number 4 represents our passion to achieve our goals and the more we see 444 the more it tells us to keep driving those goals until we achieve our dreams.

The number 4 also represents the 4 sides of the world; North, South, East and West, there are also 4 types of blood groups and our hearts are made of 4 chambers.

You will find the number 4 in all aspects of life and you will find it evident in all that matters.

Why do people keep seeing the 444 number?

Most people talk about seeing 11:11 and have not really paid much attention when they see 444, but those that do notice this sequence of numbers say they have seen it in their times of the greatest need when they have felt lost with nowhere to go and they need guidance.

This number encourages you to listen to your inner self, to listen to your gut. If you see something you want to try and you feel its right then you suddenly see 444 go for it that was your angel telling you that’s it’s good to go.

What’s the true meaning of the number 444?

If you see 444 it is a blessing, it’s your angle telling you there is a good reason for you to be seeing it. You may not believe in a guardian angel but you can’t discount the numbers when you keep seeing them.

444 means that the Angels and Archangels are right there by your side in your life and they are watching over you and guiding you when you need it most.

They are showing you their inner strength and positivity, never more so in times when you need to fight and face whatever is on your mind at that time.

There is nothing to worry about when seeing 444, there is no sinister meaning, it is simply the Angels encouraging you to fulfil your dreams. They see you working hard and perhaps you are beginning to question if you are on the right path, and then suddenly you look at your phone and you see it showing 4:44 and there you have your answer.

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At that moment you know that you are not alone and your Angels are listening to you and watching you, they just want you to know everything will be okay.

Never discard the meaning of 444 it is telling you that something important is going on, perhaps you are at a crossroads in life and all the sign is telling you is that the Angels have your back.

The meanings of the number 444

1. You need stability

In times of chaos, we tend to see the number 4 and it is telling you that you have to calm down, stop rushing through life. Perhaps you are rushing into a relationship as you think you’ve found your soulmate, the Angels are saying slow down your soulmate will come along, but this one isn’t your soulmate, they may even be toxic for you.

The number 4 is also telling you that you need to first build a strong foundation for yourself so that when the right person comes along you are ready for them, after all, if you don’t have good foundations to build on everything above falls down.

2. You’ll undergo a spiritual awakening

You find after seeing the number 4 in sequence that you feel more energized and the air around you is full of energy, that is your body experiencing its spiritual awakening, you are beginning to realize that you are so much more than just a person strolling through life living day by day, you find yourself being capable of so much more and your mind is eager to learn new things.

When seeing 444 during this awakening it is your Angels telling you that you are on the right path.

3. You are protected

Never doubt that your Angels have your back. There will be times when you feel lost, you have no idea where you stand in life and having no meaning to life can destroy a person from within. Not everyone who falls down gets back up straight away, sometimes your Angels have to give you a push and they do this by showing you 444.

It really is the best signal to get, it’s telling you to get back up, you are strong enough, get up and fight.

4. You have support

You have the power within you to make your own decisions that is what free will is about and all humans have it. Angels can be there for you, but they won’t interfere, they will wait for you to ask for help, and more often than not you ask them for help without realizing you have done so.

They will show you they are thereby sending the numbers 444, and you will find yourself suddenly seeing it everywhere, clocks, street numbers, on your phone, on your computers and it won’t stop until you acknowledge you have seen them.

5. Your dream is possible but…

To achieve your dreams or your wishes for change you have to put in the hard work yourself, your Angels will not do that for you. You get what you earn its that simple. If you find yourself slacking you can be sure your Angels will send a quick message of 444 which is saying time to up your game, give it another try, keep going,

Not everyone knows what they want in life all the times and that’s okay. The day you realize what you want just watch out you’ll soon see 444.

6. You are on the right path

When you see 444 it is telling you that the choices you are making are right for you, keep going and believe in yourself.

You will have times of insecurities over your decisions, we all do, and when you have those moments 444 will pop up and you’ll settle down and keep on going.

Embrace every single moment of your life, embrace the changes as that is exactly how your life is supposed to be. Never give up. You got this!

Real experiences of people who keep seeing 444

1. “When I was seeing 444, it was a confirmation. “Do not fear. God is in control. You are on your path, so pay attention to what you’re doing now and do your best, but don’t worry.” That’s the personal meaning that I had. Other people usually tell me similar.” (Reddit user PerfectLove4us)

2. “This is the angel number I see the most out of all of them. It signifies that the archangels are around you; seek them for guidance. They are watching over us, guiding us in the right path.” (Reddit user Miniature_Asian)

3. “I saw these numbers during a very vulnerable period of my life where I had a colleague who was bullying me for money…it stopped once I left the country.” (Reddit user VianDawn)

4. “I see it literally every day, and my life has definitely changed significantly because of Numerology. Of course, everyone is going to get something different out of it. It heavily depends on how much you allow yourself to go with it and leave old biases behind 🙂 But to each to their own.” (Reddit user AdmirableByrd)