What Wearing Black Clothes Could Mean About Your Personality

The color BLACK signifies power and supremacy. When it comes to making wardrobe choices, BLACK clothing indicates one’s hunger for power or reclaiming one’s lost authority.

Whether it’s establishing healthy boundaries, guarding their heart to safeguard their feelings or letting people know that they deserve respect, people who choose to wear black clothing often send an unconscious message to themselves and others unknowingly.

The wide array of colors and hues and that we incorporate in our wardrobes on a daily basis stimulate different centres in our brain also the way we perceive these different colors say a lot about our personality.

Individuals who prefer wearing black apparel are often looked upon by others as triumphant and tend to be one’s physical looks and indulge in self-care and may seem just a bit psychotic as well.

They are often seen as highly emotional and sensitive beings but tend to keep their emotions and feelings in check. In this way, they keep their heart and their sentiments well shielded because their mental and emotional wellbeing is very dear to them and they make it a point to never disrupt this balance.

However, these individuals can quickly succumb to their lack of focus and anxious thoughts. They can quickly become frustrated with day to day stress and that’s why wearing an all-black outfit creates a false illusion of ‘having their life put together’ in one place.

It is interesting to note that those individuals who prefer all-black apparel, are mostly women because wearing black clothing for them shows that they want the world to know that there is more to us than what meets the eye.

They want to be perceived by other people as the cool and composed individuals that they are. They also want to avoid any such unnecessary and uncalled for attention by wearing different shades of clothing.

Experts in the field of color psychology state that the shade of black is associated with authority and royalty. They want others to take them seriously and, and extremely hard working and passionate individuals and want the same level of respect they deserve.

They exhibit an assertive personality and a bold persona but are also sentimental at the same time. The different shades of black are the ones most worn by individuals when they want to impress other people. People who wear all black are often perceived as professional and qualified personnel.

They are widely dependable and trustworthy in both work and educational settings. These people are the kind that you can trust and put all your confidence in them without the slightest of worry.

The color black is often comprehended as the most striking and visually appealing color to date. It makes its wearers radiate their charisma to the world and displays high levels of independence, extreme competency, and effortless poise.

It is also the chicest color and easily incorporated in any of the latest fashion trends.

So, how many of you love the color black?