Well Hello New Chapter In My Book Of Life You Are Most Welcome Here

We are all the authors of our own book of life and how it unfolds is entirely up to us.

We can either write it or allow others to write it for us, if we allow this then we become the reader instead of the author and that is when problems can and do occur.

I fell into the pitfall of ‘reader’ without even noticing, it was comfortable there. I allowed others to dictate my life and in doing so found my life a miserable place to be.

So, today is a new chapter, I’m calling it ‘Now’ and I am damn well going to write it.

The past chapters have emotional baggage, it brought me down, made my life an unhappy place to live and I know I am worth so much more than that.

I feel like I’ve slept through that last few years, not literally slept, but my waking time was made of allowing things to happen rather than dealing with them in my way and stopping things that could have so easily been stopped if I had just said no!

I’m taking charge. I’m making my own decisions whether they be right or wrong, and I will accept the outcome of those decisions. I’m a realist and know I can’t control everything, but whatever happens, is because I allowed it to happen rather than have it dictated to me.

I will reflect on past mistakes, but I won’t regret them as they were made and there is nothing, I can do to change them, but I can learn from them. I’m thankful for them as they helped me to grow to the person I am now, but I have much more growing to do and I look forward to it.

I’m off to rediscover who I am. I’m doing everything now for me, I’m not selfish as some would say, they are usually the ones that have had far too much to say about my life, and now that I am taking back control, they feel their power over me slipping away, tough, it’s time for me now.

Far too long I did what everyone expected of me, and in doing so I lost who I was.

That doesn’t mean I won’t listen to people, of course, I will, but I need to work through all the noise that people make when they think they have the right to speak about me and see what they are saying for what it really is.

Is the advice they are giving me sound, or is it because they want something from me?

If their advice is sound and helpful great if it isn’t then I will still do my own thing, and they will either accept it or not, I do not need to explain myself to them, those days are gone.

I’ve got better at telling who the toxic people are in my life, and oh wow did I have a lot of them. They literally drained all my life force from me, and it goes a long way to explain why I felt so tired all the time.

I want my life filled with good vibes, I want my time well spent and not wasted on people who most certainly don’t want the best for me, but only what I can give to them.

This is about having positivity in my life.

I’m grateful for the people who are already in my life that support and encourage me to grow, and they will still be along for the ride of my book of life, but the rest will go or have already gone.

I will be bold, and I will take risks and in doing so the air I will be breathing will be clean and fresh.

Sometimes you have to take risks in life to live, you have to look forward and not behind and in doing so it’s amazing how life changes.

I welcome this new chapter of my book of life and am so excited that I get to write it and cease being the ‘reader’.