We All Like To Flirt Now And Again It’s Just How We Are, But These 4 Signs Are Pros At It

Ever wondered why some people are better at flirting than others, it could all be down to their zodiac sign.


Gemini’s are social butterflies they are witty in what they say yet all at the same time have a secret air about them that leaves you wondering do you really know them at all. They are very outgoing, so it is hard not to respond to their flirtatious ways that leave you laughing and in a state of wonder all at the same time.

They are observers too, they like to stand back and watch from the sidelines until something catches their eye and then they go all out to be seen by the person that has piqued their interest, it is almost like an attack but in a nice way.

They will be very charming, and you won’t know what has hit you until its too late and common-sense fly’s out the window. They have the gift of talking that will leave you breathless and they have a vast repertoire of jokes that keep you amused. If they like you, they will do all they can to make sure you notice them.


Leo’s are the proud sign of the zodiac and they have to be the top dog of everything flirting is no exception. They have to be the best of the best anything less is not acceptable in their minds and they are very creative in how they get your attention and the more attention you give them the more they like it.

They never imitate another’s styles of flirting they have to be original in all they say and do. They will have you laughing constantly at what they say and do and that can’t be a bad thing after all we all need laughter in our lives its good for the soul.

You will find them adorable and funny, an overload of cuteness with creative conversations that keep you wanting to spend more time with them. You can very easily get carried away by their personality and they are the grand masters of the flirting game.


Libras have a smile to die for, they don’t really need much else it reaches down into your soul, grabs it and almost says ‘Well hello there’. They are experts at romancing who they want to spend time with, there isn’t anything they don’t know, and if they don’t know it then in their mind it isn’t worth knowing anyway.

They are full of romantic gestures that can leave your head spinning. To them, you are the most important person in the whole world, but especially their world, he is the king and you, my dear are his queen and he will make sure you feel that way permanently.

They are very tactile, little touches on the arm, looking deep into your eyes is enough to sweep any woman off her feet, but a Leo makes it look so easy. They have a great sense of humor which works every time and you can almost feel your feet lifting off the ground when you are with them.


Pisces are often thought of as closed in shy people, they are not. For when they decide to flirt with you, it is a whole different person that can be seen. They are thinkers, so think a lot of how life with you would be like, almost a fantasy world except they plan on making it a reality.

They know what to say and when to say it so that your interest will be peaked and leave you wanting more. Their way with words is skilful yet mysterious all at the same time. They know what they want, and they go all out to get it, and you will find yourself thinking about them and what they have said to you long after they have left the room.

Whilst they like to imagine what time and the future would look like with you, they don’t always live in the fantasy world they create. They are realists too and when they decide a fantasy needs to become a reality, they do everything in their power to make it so.