We All Have Doubts About Our Relationships At Some Point, Sometimes The Doubts Are Caused By Anxiety

It’s no secret I have anxiety and I overthink my overthinking, yes, it’s a curse I live with. Relationships of any kind are really stressful for me as I know my anxiety impacts those relationships and it takes a lot for me to basically chill the fuck out.

So, when I find myself in the zone of shits about to get real my anxiety goes into nuclear explosion mode, which does not bode well for anyone.

Anxiety doesn’t just go away, it is something I have worked on for years, I thought I’d share with you somethings I do when I know I’m getting worse they don’t always work, but when they do I feel calmer and I can almost see the relief on everyone’s faces of ‘Phew crisis averted’.

6 Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Relationship Anxiety:

1. Talk about your anxiety with your partner.

Okay, no as easy as it sounds. If they are the problem even thinking of speaking to them is hard, but if you don’t talk things through, nothing is going to change, and I often find how I see things he doesn’t and it is a reset conversation that works for us both.

2. Stop jumping to conclusions about things.

I am ALWAYS doing this, my bad. It gets me in so much trouble and causes an increase in anxiety when I see that I was in the wrong. With this either talk about it and tell yourself let it go there are real issues to be concerned about and not some mind talking I’ve been doing.

3. Stop over analyzing things.

I do this a lot. What are someone’s motives, do they have a hidden agenda, why are they so interested in what I’m doing, you get the drift right? Some people are just interested and that’s nice, not everyone is out to get me, right? Letting go somewhat and seeing how things turn out is a challenge but when I’ve done this life is so much better for me.

4. Know that you cannot control everything.

Yes, I’m a control freak and it’s impossible to control everything and you shouldn’t even try. So, the dryer blows up, fuck it. The washer chews up the socks so your kids have to wear odd pairs until you can get some more, tell them it’s a new trend but you have to play the game and go odd socks too.

5. Question the relationship and think things over thoroughly one good time.

Relationships of any kind can increase anxiety. I swear my husband is a saint and I have no idea why he puts up with me. When I’m in the zone of nothing is going right and my anxiety flips its bitch switch, I try and think of when things go right and how we are both content and happy at those times, it makes me calmer.

6. Take a step back and relax.

Baby steps are all you can do with anxiety. It is one day and one step at a time. I am aware of the stress I experience when my anxiety hits its peak and the drained feeling as it subsides. I do what I can to give myself calming surroundings and if that fails there is nothing like screaming ‘fuck it’ and then getting on with your day.