We All Have A Spirit Animal According To Our Zodiac Sign

Spirit animals represent traits, character, and personalities, for example, someone who lives a life full of energy, loyalty, and eagerness to please could have a spirit animal that is a dog.

If you would like to know which one yours could be keep reading.


Aries, their spirit animal is a Tiger. Just as you would expect the Tiger is sharp, quick and oh so fierce. Aries will not allow anyone to get in their way and are always on the lookout for new things. Aries are strong-willed and will never allow anyone to bring them down, in fact, Aries will bring those down just as a Tiger does when hunting its prey.


Taurus, their spirit animal is a Bull. They are hotheads and unafraid to tackle life head-on. They know what they want and will always be bold enough to pursue them. Once they have something in their sights their stubborn nature and the uncompromising trait will not prevent them from achieving their goals.


Gemini, their spirit animal is a Fox. They are curious and love to explore new things, they are full of fun with a gentle nature and show affection. They have a restless energy and whilst on the surface, they have the appearance of innocence they are very sly and clever with it.


Cancer, their spirit animal is a Possum. They are versatile and can adapt to any environment. They are solitary people, secretive and rather live the nocturnal life. They avoid certain people just as easily as they love to spend time with those they prefer.


Leo, their spirit animal is a Peacock, and not the Lion as most people would assume. They love to show off so they care very much how they dress and how people perceive them. They love attention and they sure know how to get it.


Virgo, their spirit animal is an Orangutan. They are very analytical and think things through and have the ability to reason things out. They work relentlessly even in what should be their leisure time. They are always looking for new ways and always think things through from beginning to end before they act.


Libra, their spirit animal is a Rabbit. They are warm, affectionate and kind. They hate being alone and adore to be cuddled. They are friendly and despise any situations that cause chaos in their lives. They tend to remove themselves from any situation that causes them stress.


Scorpio, their spirit animal is a Beaver. They are resourceful, work hard and are always active. They have a deep self-disciplined and can be very distrusting of people, should anyone make the mistake of hurting them or those they love they become vengeful and the fallout can be legendary.


Sagittarius, their spirit animal is an Otter. They are enthusiastic and fun-loving, playful and they love to bond with people who have the same personality traits. They are compassionate and they react to the environment they are in which means they can get easily distracted.


Capricorn, their spirit animal is a Horse. They are consistent, stable and reliable. They prefer to be grounded and practical. When they work on a project, they always race ahead but they are never reckless when doing so, they have self-control and because of this people view them as reliable.


Aquarius, their spirit animal is a Dolphin. They are playful, smart and adventurous and love to have a good time. They are clever and extremely witty, they are not afraid to laugh at themselves as well as others when silliness seems to be the order of the day. They don’t like boring situations so if bored they look for something new.


Pisces, their spirit animal is a Seahorse. They are sensitive and kind in all they do and when they find a partner that partner is for life. They are emotionally aware of everything around them and their intuition is what drives them and they prefer to stay close to family and friends as they are extremely loyal.