Wait For The Right Man, Never Settle For Second Best

Wait for the man who will want to experience new adventures with you. And in the end, wait for the man who will bring your relationship to a whole new level doing even the impossible!


Wait for the man who will love you and be in love with all the different crazy parts of you, that loves how your empathic soul shines out from you. He will never hold you back from all that you want to do in life, he will support you, be happy for your successes and be a shoulder to cry on when you fail, then dry your tears and tell you to get back at it. He will encourage you to have your own life as well as the life with him and he will be proud of you and love you just for being who you are.


Wait for the man who admires you for the woman you are, who is your biggest supporter and gives you credit for all you achieve, who says look at my girl go she is amazing. He won’t want to change a thing about you and even loves your stubborn nature. He will make being in love easy with him so easy as he doesn’t just think of himself, he goes that extra mile just to see you happy, and when your day has been bad, he does what he can to comfort you and bring a smile back to your face.


Wait for the man who you can tell all your problems to and he doesn’t try and solve them for you but works with you to solve them together. He will love and accept you as you are and not feel the need to change a single thing about you. He will be there come rain or shine, he will know your mood swings are not directed at him, it’s just part of you and won’t be easily offended by your sometimes-sharp words.


Wait for the man who absolutely gets you, who understands your actions always back up your words and loves you for that. He will hug you when days seem bad and tell you that everything will be okay. He won’t run away from you at the first challenging bump in the road of your relationship and that he totally gives a damn about you and your feelings.


Wait for the man who will respect you for who you are and makes you the apple of his eye. He wants to motivate you as much as he motivates himself. He will not be slow in telling you his feelings and more importantly backing up his words with actions and he will never be embarrassed to show you how he feels about you in public. You are his queen.


Wait for the man who is totally open minded with you and has not difficulties expressing his feelings with you. He will be reliable, trustworthy and no matter what goes on in your lives you know you can count on him to be supportive. He will want to keep you happy and upbeat about life, he doesn’t like mind games, so you are safe from that. He just wants you to know you are loved in every way.


Wait for the man who knows you adore and are close to your family and friends and doesn’t see them as a threat or that he needs to be jealous of the time you spend with them. He will want you to continue your close relationships as his view is, they were there for you long before he was. He will give you his heart and will never apply conditions to that, he wants you happy and with a solid future for you both, together.


Wait for the man who just makes every day so perfect for you and makes you smile. He understands that we all have good days and bad days and he gets that you can’t be always the smiley girl he first met. He won’t be pushy with you or try and force new things on you, but he will encourage you to try new things at your own speed.


Wait for the man who just makes life so much easier, no drama, a pleasure to be around and spend time with. He will make you laugh at some of the silliest things and he will cherish every moment with you, even the bad ones, as he knows that is part of you and what makes you a couple. He will be your best friend as well as your lover.


Wait for the man who is without a doubt on the same page in life as you. He will have the same interests, look at life the same way. He will be proud of you and your successes and will not be jealous of you or your career. He will love every part of you and a man like that is worth waiting for.


Wait for the man who will be with you every step of the way if you ask him to be. He won’t interfere or take over but will help and guide you when you ask. He will be a great listener as you need someone to bounce your many ideas off of and he will love listening to you talk.  To him you are amazing, and he enjoys every moment of your lives.


Wait for the man who will not only be your lover but your best friend too. He knows you love it when he shows his feelings, but he may be a little shy doing this, but will watch for your body language and instinctively know when you need to be shown so will put his shyness aside to make you happy.