Virgo – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

You’re your own good luck charm in 2020. This is your time to shine and people are sitting up and taking note.

Good fortune is lining up for you astrologically in March when you may have to pinch yourself, thanks to happy moments and changes of circumstances that put you ahead of the crowd.

Generally, things seem to be going your way once Spring has sprung, especially when you are doing what you love or liking what you see. There’s the chance to shake up both your workaday world and finances in September, thanks to the Sun in your zone of self, linking with a group of planets that are reversing in your fellow earth signs.

With Jupiter the gift-giver behind you for much of the year, little wins from raffle tickets, karaoke, bingo games and quizzes should be a regular occurrence, so get out and about as much as you can.

Love and Friendship

That’s it, you’ve got it and now everyone and anyone seem to be asking you to explain it to them. You and love are becoming best of friends in March as you instinctively know how matters of the heart work.

A combination of your past experience, intuition and a surge of star power focused on your zone of joy and happiness is turning you into the queen of romance.

You’re neither falling hook line and sinker nor flirting, just enjoying the company of your chosen one, warts and all in May, and they are returning the favor.

If it’s intensity and passion you’re after, the summer months of July and August should have temperatures on the rise between long-term partners, while sizzling suitors appear for singles.

When it comes to friendships, you’re being welcomed into different circles and setting up clubs and groups of your own.

Finally, if you are asked to play matchmaker in October, it’s a case of opposites attract, and two people who no one else thought could gel, do because of you. Prepare to buy a hat.

Home and Family

January and February could see you find a new home. Whether you have been toying with the idea or hunting for a while, Mars in your zone of house and home could lead you to uncover a perfect home.

Outstanding DIY projects that are dragging into Spring could get sorted out at the start of June when the right people at the right price appear.

Just be sure to get the paperwork sorted, or the job is done and dusted, before your ruler, Mercury, heads into retrograde in the 18th June.

There could be a big celebration mid-December, too, that marks an important milestone or delightful new addition to the clan, so get the house spick and span during the summer sales, since you’re a sign who likes to plan ahead.

The Eclipse Effect

The most fortuitous eclipse for you is on 5th July. It promises that love and luck will find you when you let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to be filled with childlike wonder. Focus on the little things and remind yourself that all the best things in life are free. Being spontaneous and letting go of niggles and tensions, and the little things that cause them for you to bring bonus benefits. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted a shot at fame the odds are in your favor now. As are the chances of meeting a celebrity.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this to keep your heart and mind open to all that can be;

‘I make the most of today and create a bright tomorrow, leaving behind all hurts of the past and moments of sorrow. Wherever I go I take my positive attitude with me for it serves me well and sets me free.’

Credit to Rosalie Jones