Traits That Each Zodiac Sign Has

We all have certain likes and dislikes, behave in certain ways and this is said to be down to the zodiac sign we are born under.


Aries are active and ambitious people and they certainly know what they want in life. They thrive at being the best they can be especially when it comes to career and money. They are extroverts and tend to be the ones who make the first move when looking for love.


Taurus are sensual and tactile people they love the sensation of touch whether that is in a relationship or just in general, you will find them perhaps taking someone’s arm or hugging someone but not in a sexual way, they respect boundaries and keep intimate touching for their partner. They love social settings and enjoy the company of those around them.


Gemini’s are the ones that embrace change, they are known to change jobs often once they get bored, this also happens with relationships, which is what gives them the reputation of not being able to stick at anything for long. They need stimulation on all levels to be happy and content.


Cancer’s are emotional people and they love to nurture which makes breaking up with anyone hard for them. They love to spend time with the people who are closest to them and thrive on vacations as its something new which is always a bonus for them, as they love to learn about cultures in different countries.


As you would expect with a Leo, they are strong robust people, who thrive on new ventures as well as new people. They do tend to worry a lot and this stops them from being able to relax, so that is why they always appear on the move as they seek out things that will lift their spirits to stop them worrying even if for a short time.


Virgo’s contrary to some beliefs are easy-going despite their analytical mind. They are very picky in regards to who they will be friends with, as only people, they deem worthy to get their time. They are very practical about all aspects of life but be warned don’t push their buttons as they lose their temper as that is when they become extremely intimidating.


Libra people are full of compassion and empathy and it is because of this that they can read people very well. They are great communicators and are equally as good at listening. They are smart and passionate and love nothing more than a good debate on subjects that matter to them. They can be competitive but not in a negative way and they love to see people succeed.


Scorpios tend to only see life in black and white which can make them difficult to get along with should your views differ to their own. They have a sarcastic nature and can be quite rude which can put people off them, but that doesn’t both them, They have a dark sense of humor so an all-round difficult person to be with.


They are free-spirited and love to travel and people new people. They are broad-minded and life is what motivates them, they are always seeking out what the meaning of life is for them, so you will find them extremely spiritual. They are happy by nature but selfish and can often be found breaking promises if the promise no longer suits their needs.


They have high morals and expect those around them to be the same. They tackle problems head-on and are very mature in their outlook on life. They have an air of calmness about them and are very loyal, they do not trust people easily and should someone let them down once then as far as they are concerned that person is no longer worthy of their time.


The deep thinkers of the zodiac, they question everything and anything and can be quite ruthless in getting what they want. They are not averse to lying to cause discord if they take a dislike to someone, so can be sneaky and a troublemaker. Definitely one to be on your guard with as unfortunately their lies are often believed until exposed.


They don’t like to face their problems head-on and will go and bury their heads in the sand unless forced to face the issues at hand. As the dreamers of the zodiac, they are happier imagining a life they want, when they would be better placed working hard to make their dream a reality.