This rape proof underwear was created by a teenage for $60!

This amazing teen developed rape-proof underwear featuring a lock, a GPS alert, and a video cam to record the attacker’s face.

With rape cases and sexual assault worldwide continuing to increase it’s sad to say many sex predators still go unpunished due to a lack of evidence. In most cases, the victims don’t report the assaults to authorities or even family members.

So now people are taking it upon themselves to get creative to protect themselves from these molesters. I’m sure you are familiar with self-defense tools like pepper spray and mase but have you ever heard of the ‘rape-proof underwear’?

 Seenu Kumari , a teen in India has developed underwear, which will help catch rapists. She spent less than $60 to create this underwear. It comes with a combination lock and an emergency call button. This underwear is not only impossible to cut with a knife, but it’s even bulletproof.

When asked how this underwear works, Kumari explained: “I have put a smart lock that won’t open till you key in the password. I have also installed an electronic device with a GPS and calling facility. When somebody tries to molest a woman, this device will send out messages to relatives of the woman. And also to the police.” The underwear even has a camera so that it could provide visual identifications of the attackers.

Kumari continued: “A woman doesn’t need to wear this underwear always. She can wear it when she is traveling alone. Or if she finds a place unsafe. This can help save the woman from wicked men who would try to violate her dignity. If a woman wearing the underwear comes under attack, she can press a button on the device and alert someone.”

This underwear is an invention that can be lifesaving to many around the world. Rape is a deplorable act that only the rapist can be held accountable for. But creating tools to help people save themselves from becoming victims is an amazing gift. Only by raising awareness and education and bringing rapists to justice can we all hope to accomplish the goal of eliminating rape as a threat to both women and men.