This Is What A Perfect Boyfriend Looks Like

A genuine and honest man will never let his woman face the fear of being compared to other women. Instead, he makes her feel special, beautiful, intelligent and the most desirable woman in his life. He is aware of her qualities and attributes that truly make her special and he is well aware of what value she brings in his life.

A loyal man assures that you know your worth. He makes sure that you realize how special and valuable you are. A real man isn’t interested in wasting his time on a one-time affair or dating sites, he doesn’t like being freely available to other options when he has a real woman in his life. A loyal man can see through your soul. Sure, looks do play an integral part but it’s your heart and soul that truly attracts him to you.

A loyal man loves spending his time with you. Life gets hectic, and we all have schedules but this man will make the effort of allocating time for you out of his busy life. He knows for a fact that real intimacy is beyond sexual pleasures and being good in bed, intimacy is when you give out one of your most precious resources to the love of your life, your time. Actively listening to how her day went and addressing her concerns and insecurities are also part of the big picture.

A genuine man is not just interested in a physical relationship, he wants to dig deep down and know you better. He wants to talk about life and your deepest desires, he wants to know what you are passionate about, he wants to know about your likes and dislikes. He wants to know everything. For the right person, you don’t have to worry about betrayal, because you always cross their mind. You could be miles apart and still feel connected. He calls you often just to listen to the sound of your voice. He asks about your whereabouts because he is genuinely concerned about your safety.

The right man is not ashamed of showing his real self in front of you. He is more than comfortable with sharing both the good and the bad aspects of his personality with you. Yeah, he might have a weird sense of humor, but its all okay because he knows you understand it. A good man is a man of his principles and values. Honesty and truthfulness are his biggest virtues. He will be brutally honest with you, even if he knows you can’t handle it. He is not the kind of man who sugar coats stuff to make it acceptable. It’s better to say the bitter truth out loud rather than setting a false ideal.

A real man is proud of your achievements and couldn’t be happier about the way you have your life together. Being jealous of your corporate achievements or looking down upon your career choices are not in his dictionary. He knows the amount of work and effort you put towards the cause. He is more than happy to introduce you to his loved ones and peers. He loves talking about you and letting people know how content he is for having you in his life.

A good and trustworthy man will never make false promises to you. He is a man of his words. He doesn’t like playing mindless games or manipulating you. He is not the kind of man who would hide behind lame excuses and false accusations. He knows that these kinds of behaviors will only weaken the relationship and losing you is not an option. He knows that relationships are built around the foundations of love and trust, and once he indulges in lying, you will be gone for good- and losing you is his biggest fear.