This adorable moment between a baby and a butterfly is sure to leave you smiling!

If you’re parent chances are you are constantly on the go trying to bring your children to see the world and have new experiences that will enrich their minds. But one of the best activities you can engage in doesn’t require a lot of effort, or money.

Taking them out into nature is not only so educational but it’s fun as well! The world is big, so it only makes sense to get your kiddos out into the great outdoors. Being out in nature can help kids develop language skills by exposing them to more sensory information, as well as sharpen their ability for critical thinking. 

Recently, a young mom decided to take her baby daughter to San Diego Zoo to get the outside experience in a much bigger way. But Momma and baby got a magical experience they never could have anticipated courtesy of a friendly and curious butterfly.

While enjoying a moment with dad a gorgeous butterfly suddenly flew and landed on the little girl’s soft head.

It stood on the baby’s head without her noticing for a few seconds.

Even as her dad then tried to get her attention. But being such a young baby it was going to take more than that to get her attention. Another child nearby tried to make her smile, but she continued staring as though nothing was happening. For the most part, the butterfly kept its wings closed. Butt would occasionally open them, exposing a beautiful blue pattern.

The pattern on the butterfly’s wings was nothing short of magical. It left everyone around in awe. So vibrant and detailed it was a thing of wonder. The butterfly stayed put for a while to the delight of the baby’s parents. They had plenty of time to snap these amazing pictures, even though the babe didn’t seem to notice at all. 

It seemed to have some type of attraction to the little girl. Even when she would look down and move her head, the butterfly would climb higher onto her head. It’s bound to be a moment mom and da remember forever and is so cute to see. 

The moment is also heartwarming as some people believe butterflies symbolize good luck and hope. So this can be taken as a sign that the family will live a nice happy life. If nothing else the butterfly brought them the joy of this moment and that is lucky enough.