Things People Do When They’re Secretly Unhappy With Their Lives

Acting indifferent or acting totally out of place is one of the signs you are secretly unhappy. Habits that are behavior issues often show you are secretly unhappy, and that is not all. Let us look at the few signs that show that a person is secretly unhappy or sad.

They become indifferent about their own health.

They start activities like excessive smoking and drinking that causes them to damage their health. They do all this to forget their worries.

People who are unhappy ignore others around them.

They isolate themselves and are not willing to spend energy on people. When people become depressed they confine themselves to one room.

We see weird switches in their behavior.

One of my friends was in a similar situation. One moment happy the other moment sad. She used to overreact to small things. It looked like she lost control. Unhappy people show often show quick changes in the way they act; One moment they are down and the next they get extremely excited.

An unhappy person will come across as a healer.

They try to fix the problems of everyone except themselves. They distance themselves from people are always saying they do not need gifts, but they end up giving gifts like they have all the money in the world. They do not have any special needs and do not expect much from people. All they need is love.

They are never willing to give up their opinion to others.

If someone holds an opinion against them, it bothers them a lot. They do not want anything they say to end up hurting someone or held against them. So they choose to stay quiet.

They have odd reactions.

People who are unhappy with life tend to over react on things. They sometimes are so emotional from life and things they keep inside, that they don’t realize that they’re overreacting in small situations.

Depression causes severe damage.

It does not make you sad. It makes you blank; as if you do not know what is happening.
You try to fight it, but when you are unable to, you end up with a hollow core.

They end up messing up small things.

This does not mean they are incompetent. It just means something is holding them back from performing.

They sleep a lot.

Depression can cause so much damage that it ends up making them sleepy. They end up making sleep the only remedy for all of their problems. We all know the stress headaches go away with sleep, but trust me sleeping your life away is not the solution to all.

They sleep restlessly.

No matter what they do they are unable to get a peaceful sleep at night. Meditation does not help. It’s like it’s killing them inside and only sleeping during the day helps.

They’re forgetful.

When they begin to realize that they’re unhappy, they care about things less. It’s not that they don’t love anyone, but they’re stuck in their own heads. This causes them to forget things, sometimes important things.

Their eating habits change.

Sometimes they eat a lot, sometimes they eat nothing at all. Cravings become more at night, but during the day they become less.

They avoid things.

They tend to get off track if you start talking about their feelings. They talk about irrelevant stuff when they don’t want to be involved in conversations.