Things Men Do When They Have Grown Up And Are No Longer Just One Of The Boys

Everyone must grow up sometime. We’ve all dated ‘boys’ thinking they were ‘men’. There is a huge difference in how a man behaves and here are some examples that you have a man in your life and not a boy who still has some growing up to do.

1. A man never disrespects his woman.

2. He would never manipulate his lady into doing things he wants and she doesn’t really want.

3. A man never takes it out on his woman no matter what the situation.

4. He makes things right when he realizes that he has made a mistake.

5. A man always puts his woman first.

6. He is her best friend.

7. A man doesn’t give up when the things get rough.

8. He always puts extra effort in a relationship to make things work.

9. A man never takes his woman for granted.

10. He inspires her to do things she never thought she could do.

11. He is her biggest supporter.

12. He admires her intelligence.

13. He’s proud of her accomplishments.

14. He admires her passion.

15. A man doesn’t hold his woman back.

16. Instead, he encourages her to do everything she wants.

17. A man treats his lady like an equal.

18. He lets her call the shots sometimes just as he has his turn too.

19. And he never judges her.

20. Because a man always tries to see things from his lady’s perspective.

21. A man is there for his lady after she has had a bad day.

22. He never lets her fall asleep mad, angry, or sad.

23. A man will ruin her lipstick, not her mascara.

24. Because he will never hurt his woman on purpose or any other woman, in fact.

25. A man makes his lady’s fears go away.

26. He makes sure that she feels like the most beautiful woman in the room.

27. And he’ll always shower her with compliments.

28. A man pampers his woman and makes her feel like a queen.

29. He doesn’t pursue other women when he is in a relationship.

30. In fact, he cuts off any female that threatens his relationship with his woman.

31. A man never stops trying.

32. His seduction game never stops.

33. He keeps choosing his lady every day.

34. His words and promises are always backed up with his actions.

35. A man gives his lady the attention she deserves.

36. He always finds the time for his woman no matter how busy he is.

37. A man respects and protects his lady’s virtues and values.

38. He never makes her doubt his love or his affection.

39. He shows her off in front of his friends.

40. And he makes the rest of the world jealous of the kind of relationship they have.

41. He is romantic.

42. He isn’t afraid to show his feelings.

43. He doesn’t hide his weaknesses from his lady.

44. He chooses to be honest all the time towards his lady, instead of comforting her with lies.

45. A man treats his woman how he’d want his daughter to be treated by other men.

I’m sure there are plenty more examples, let us know what we have missed.