These reusable drink pouches will bring your margarita to the next level!

Growing up Capri suns were a staple in my lunch box! I loved the feel of their shape in my hand and chewing on the tip of the straw. It was always the most refreshing drink! Now we can relive a moment of our youth because Amazon is selling freezable drink pouches that you can fill with the beverage of your choice. The clear choice is OBVIOUSLY an adult beverage. From wine to whiskey I am here for it.

To be honest I can only cringe thinking about what chemicals may have been in the lining of my beloved Capri sun in the 90s. But we have moved so far beyond that now thankfully. These pouches are BPA, phthalate-free, and non-toxic. So you don’t have to worry about anything leaching into your drink. They come with a variety of straw colors and even include a foldable funnel to make filling them easier. 

The fact that they are reusable is one of my favorite features. The closures are zippered and can be resealed over and over again! They hold a full 16 oz so you won’t have to worry about refilling them too often though.

As if they weren’t amazing enough they are even freezable! Making those hot summer night frozen margaritas that much cooler (and portable!) You can prep all your drinks ahead of time and have them in your freezer ready to go! They come 50 to a pack so you will have more than enough for everyone! Can’t get much better than that!!