These hag stones stones are as magical as they are interesting

Hag stones are basically stones with natural holes in it. But they are truly so much more. The legend says finding one is better than paying for it or getting it as a gift. These stones are considered sacred. Ever since ancient times, certain attributes have been associated with them. They have been labeled Eye Stones, Snake Eggs, Fairy Stones, Holy Stones, Adder Stones, Witch Stones, Hex Stones, and so forth.

These stones can be found on dry riverbeds, but are also common on shorelines. The water helps to shape and create these special stones through erosion. This gives them a unique and special appearance.
But the thing that makes them the most special is the lore that lays around them. Magic never works on moving water so by having a hole in them through the force of this natural element, the stones possess a unique protective benefit.
The benefits also claim to extend to dealing with the dead, treating sicknesses, overcoming curses, and even getting rid of nightmares. Witches even use them in their rituals and magic, and people can use them, funnily enough, to overcome a witch’s magic.

There are some fascinating stories surrounding these unique stones. Stories like being able to see the invisible creatures in the land of Fae, and you can enter into new realms. Which is why you will sometimes hear them called fairy stones as well.  You can wear the stone around your neck as you look for fairies. To make it even more precise, you can pour some morning dew through the hole in the stone before you anoint yourself. In cases where the stone was discovered in the ocean, you can find Sea Spirits, Mermaids, and even Mermen by looking at the water through the stone. The same goes for a stone found in the forest. The stones are also used by livestock owners to keep their animals safe from witchcraft. The stone would be suspended using a cord at the center of the staple to keep the horses and the livestock safe. it was believed that without it the cow’s milk would be sour, and the hens would not lay eggs.

When sailors and fishermen were traveling they would collect them at the shore and use them to keep away evil spirits and witches who could sabotage their boats and their catch. Witches were believed to curse ships so that they would have small catches, but hag stones would overcome this. Wildly enough there are even tales of these stones being able to control the waters and even the winds found in high seas.

Others believe that the stone represents the sacred vagina of the Goddess and in their ability to help make powerful love spells when a stick that fits perfectly into the stone’s hole was used before making a request and throwing it into the sea.
These stones can also rejuvenate your energy, your mind, and even your spirit, and they can provide healing when you put them hanging over your bed at night.
This stone has so many different stories about its abilities. It seems that everyone who has one loves it for a different reason. My favorite being that it can be used as protection against the all-knowing evil eye!! This is a must-have stone for any true rock hounds collection!!