These 5 Zodiac Signs Can Forgive But They Will Never Forget

Most of us do forgive people for any wrongs they have done us but forgetting is another matter.

Some people really struggle with forgetting and you can’t blame them if they have been hurt by someone’s actions or what they have said, hurt runs deep and hurt like that can’t just be forgotten.

For these 5 signs in particular forgetting just doesn’t happen.

1. Taurus

Those born under this sign have a quick temper and they are not shy in letting it all out. They will forgive you once they have had their say, but forgiving you is not on their agenda anytime soon if at all. They hold on to what you have done and it will eat away at them. Relationships of any kind rarely survive for very long after the explosion as they can’t forget what you have done.

2. Gemini

Those born under this sign do forgive very quickly unless the damage done runs deep. They will be looking at everything you say and do from now on waiting for you to let them down again. It could take years before they get to the forgetting stage if at all, and you can be sure of any arguments you have in future where they will bring up what you did and be very clear to you that whilst they have forgiven you, they will not forget.

3. Cancer

Those born under this sign are far too caring and loving, so they are very quick to forgive and you will be left thinking you have got away lightly with whatever it is you did to upset them. Be warned you haven’t got away with it at all. What has been left behind is a whole heap of suspicions about you and any time they want to they will bring up what you did and how you made them feel.

4. Scorpio

Those born under this sign are well known for holding grudges that can go on for decades. They may forgive all be it grudgingly so, just to lull you under false pretences, then BOOM! It will all come out usually in another argument and they will be brutal in what they have to say to you. You may find that they really don’t like you after what you did and they are doing the typical, ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer’.

5. Aquarius

Those born under this sign can quite happily forgive and forget when the issue is small, but should it be a big issue to them then you’ve basically had it. They will mull over what they should have said at the time but didn’t. That will fester and grow inside them until they decide to bring it up with you which could be a long time after the event. Their attitude may even change towards you suddenly out of the blue and that is a classic warning sign that shit is about to get real.