The World Is Full Of Drama And Then There Are Drama Queens, These 4 Signs Are The Biggest Drama Queens Of Them All

Once they start you can almost feel the air around you change and your eyes rolling into the back of your head as you mutter to yourself ‘here we go again’.

According to the zodiac, these 4 signs are the worst ones of all the Queening over drama.


This Queen loves the drama the more the better.

She is all over the place and her word is final, try and dispute what she says and its all-out war.

She has to be worshipped by everyone, and if she notices anyone not paying her attention watch out for the eyes narrowing and that person is a target for her venomous mouth.

If there is a lull in the drama, she will make up a wild story just to get the drama back in play.

She is seriously high maintenance and the men in her life need to be strong willed to put up with her shit.


This Queen is double the trouble.

She gets mean and dirty real fast, she can turn anything and everything into a drama, and if her friends even attempt to tell her she is wrong then the ice queen comes out.

She only thinks of herself and what she needs so don’t ever think for one moment she would support you in your time of need.

She isn’t averse to a little man stealing either as this queen will covet what others have.

If she sees you wearing something, she has wanted she will put you down and make you feel uncomfortable yet be seen wearing it the next time you go out and expect everyone to tell her how good she looks in it. 


This Queen must always be the centre of your world and have your full attention 24/7, she transforms into an absolute bitch if upset and you can hear her roar from the next continent over.

Her motto is; ‘My way or no way!’ and you can’t reason with her or even have a conversation that she doesn’t want to hear.

She is an absolute nightmare in social settings as she literally takes over the event, as she has to be the star attraction, an absolute worst guest ever for weddings as she will upstage the bride and think nothing of it.


This queen runs her mouth all the time and you can be sure most of what she is saying are lies, the little stories she has made up in her head and expects everyone to believe her no questions asked.

If she feels threatened by you, then you are her target and oh boy the stories about you are relentless.

If she feels you don’t respect her then she will freak out and the scene could well become one that legends are made from.

She wants everything you have and more, what she doesn’t have she simply takes, she plays games with other women’s men just because she can and then feign all innocence if called out.