The Way You Cope With A Break Up Could Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes how you react to a breakup is due to your zodiac sign, some believe this other do not and that’s okay we all have our own beliefs.


If you become bored in the relationship you quickly end it, no long drawn out break up for you.

If however someone breaks up with you then it’s a different ball game, you’re hurt badly and sometimes even wish to take revenge.

You won’t stay in that mindset for long though, you bounce back and move on.


You are very stubborn and the same is applied to your relationships.

You will work at trying to maintain the relationship even when deep in your heart you know it’s over.

Once you accept the relationship is over no amount of talking by your partner will change your mind, your view is final, and you move on to the next relationship and never wallow in self-pity.


You appear heartless, uncaring and that is simply not the case at all.

You are an enigma one minute you are head-over-heels in love the next day you couldn’t care less.

You handle breakups easily as until you find the right one you are not a big fan of long-term relationships.

You tend to throw yourself into work to get over a breakup.


You are an emotional being, you put your whole heart and soul into your relationships, you love deeply.

When a break up happens, you end up sitting alone crying your eyes out until you are exhausted.

To people on the outside, and those that don’t know you very well it looks like you really don’t care about the end of the relationship, this is just not true, but you will not show your true feelings to anyone.


Pride is your downfall.

When in a relationship you give your partner your all, but should they hurt your pride then you will become angry and distant.

This is why most of your relationships end as you have to be right all the time.

You are not forgiving and will end any relationship where your partner doesn’t agree with you, and you have even been known to have revenge sex, just because you can.


You have high expectations, and this can lead to all kinds of problems in a relationship as a perfect relationship just does not exist.

If your partner doesn’t meet your needs, you can be very cold and end a relationship sometimes even by text!

What most don’t realize is that this is your coping mechanism and you are ending things before you get in too deep and get too hurt.


In a serious relationship you are constantly weighing it up, its like a test to you that you must win that all desired A*.

You will be constantly doing things to keep your partner happy and committed to you, what you don’t notice is you are suffocating your partner so when the relationship ends its quite a shock and you take it very personally.

Often, you shut yourself away for days as you try to come to terms with the end of the relationship as you view it as a failure, and you don’t cope well with failure.


You as very passionate and because of this, you don’t take breakups very well at all.

You are very private about your relationships, and sometimes people around you are not even aware your relationship has ended until the ex-partner tells them.

Due to your passionate nature, you may become angry and this is down to the fact you are deeply hurt.

You shut yourself away or go the opposite and become uncharacteristically outgoing and loud, this may alarm those who know you and will be the first indication you are not coping well with a breakup.


You don’t really like long-term relationships unless you have found who you believe to be the one.

Short-term relationships coming to an end don’t bother you, but if it’s a long-term one then the pain goes deep.

You become mean out of the pain, spiteful and your ex is left under no illusion the damage they have done to you.

You tend to self-medicate the pain away by drinking and partying.


You’re an ambitious person and you have a real problem taking no for an answer.

When a relationship ends you just won’t accept it until you have tried everything possible to change your partner’s mind.

You can almost act crazy and this can be dangerous for you both.

Once you accept it over, you do stop the crazy behavior and get on with your life as if your partner doesn’t and never did exist.


You appear to most as totally emotionless, you’re not, you’re very sensitive, but you’ll be damned if anyone will see that.

You are very logical in your thought process about everything and relationships are just the same.

You may when a relationship ends self-analyze and look for what went wrong was it your fault, could you have been or done things differently.


You give your all to your relationships, so when they come to an end you are left feeling emotionally drained.

You do tend to make one final bid to keep the relationship and when that fails you do tend to lock yourself away from the world and suffer in silence.

Of all the zodiac signs you tend to take the longest to recover from a breakup and it is a long time before you will consider a new relationship.