The Most Comical To The Most Brutal People According To Their Zodiac Sign


One of the funniest signs, but people only find this out once they have spent some time with you. You are easy-going and love to talk when you talk everyone listens. You have a real talent for telling a funny story. You keep everyone hooked from the beginning right to the end of your story and they fall about laughing as you can deadpan the punch line which they didn’t see coming.


You are an emotional rollercoaster when you are up you are full of life and fun, you find a joke about anything and everything and make people laugh and want to spend time with you. But when you are down you as a miserable as sin and no one can get through to you. Luckily you are up more than down which makes you are great storyteller and fun to be around.


You are a philosopher and a comedian all rolled into one. You can turn anything in life into a funny story and at times your stories take a crazy turn which leaves people in hysterics. You are oddly for your star sign calm in times of stress and people like that in you. You are a bit of a party animal and can always be found holding court making people laugh.


You get into trouble a lot. You tend to keep your troubles to yourself and tell yourself it is your own fault and your own bad luck. You are a good friend to those in your circle and you enjoy having a good time. You make every day a Friday night of Netflix and chill and your friends enjoy your company. You do find humor in things even at times dark humor and that is why people like you so much.


You love being in the spotlight and whilst you think that is fine to be that way, people around you can find you really irritating. You love to show off and can be found taking part in drinking games and you make sure you are the winner as you are a badass bitch. Your opponents find you daunting in these endeavors and at times will step back from you as they feel you could turn on them at any moment whilst laughing.


You are an organized clean freak and you can be found cleaning anything and everything which people find amusing. You find being in an environment that isn’t up to your standard hard and your friend laugh at how you behave which irritates the fuck out of you. You are ordered and compulsive and your friends and family find you quirky which you don’t always appreciate, try laughing at yourself more it will do you good, you may find yourself even relaxing more into your life.


You are seriously crazy, you invented the term, crazy town bus. People love spending time with you. The problem is though you tell little white lies to make yourself appear better than you are, and you make the stories funny, which tends to not make people question you and your intentions. Time does out your lies and then you become a real bitch when caught out.


You like to think you are funny, but the truth is you are not at all. When you tell jokes people just roll their eyes and make a point of leaving the scene as you are not really someone, they like spending time with, they just tolerate you. Once you realize this you make a point of making them your target for your brutal words and put-downs, and you don’t care if that hurts their feelings.


You tend to be accident-prone which makes people laugh. When you enter a room people will find your very presence funny and endearing. To tend to go with the flow and you really don’t worry what life is bringing you as you live for the moment. You love to play practical jokes on people which doesn’t always go down well, and when the joke fails you can spout off some brutal words that can leave people stunned.


You are a serious person and not one to be found finding jokes funny. God forbid anyone who makes fun of you and laughs as to you that is one of the biggest insults and you take no prisoners when you retaliate. You can’t relax with people around you as you are always tense waiting for someone to attack you, it’s all in your head but that doesn’t matter, you say what you think and feel regardless of who you hurt.


You don’t care what others think of you, this makes you do whatever you damn well like. People find you annoying to be around, your restless spirit and the need to do whatever you want for yourself selfishly and all-consuming makes you unpopular with some people. You lack humor and can’t take a joke. Should someone be brave enough to make fun of you, your put-downs are legendary and that is what makes people avoid you like the plague.


You love to tell jokes; the problem is you are not funny at all. You love to show off around people which irritates them. You can be a bit of a show-off and childish with it. You are hopeless at keeping secrets which makes people distrust you. You say things without thinking who you hurt or the consequences of your actions, and when you are called out on your behavior you turn nasty and brutal in your retaliation.