The Mirror Effect Of The Empath And The Reason Why Some People Instantly Dislike You

I’m sure we have all at some time experienced someone who has suddenly taken a dislike to us or shown resentment even those we have known for a long time.

There is often no reason for their change in behavior, we have not acted differently around them, they just suddenly dislike us and they don’t even bother to hide it.

Empaths can sense everything and when someone dislikes us, we feel it intensely. We are not naïve to think that everyone will like us but it can be baffling when we experience a sudden change in someone.

It could be that they now sense that you can see through them and they have done something they would rather you not know, so in a way of protecting themselves they show a dislike towards you in the hope you don’t see through them.

It could be that you are more popular than they are and they don’t like this, or that as you have evolved into being an empath your light shines brightly and they are jealous of this.

A lot of people don’t really understand empaths, they see them as someone who is a little weird, let them I say, as shining brightly is what you are meant to do, and never let anyone dim that shine.

When we reflect, we actually see that they have been acting inauthentically and this is hard to accept especially from someone we have been friends with for a long time.

There are many who hide who they are as a means to manipulate those around them, to suddenly see clearly that you have been manipulated is a hard thing to accept.

They fear being disliked or judged so they wear masks, and in fact different masks depending on who they are with at the time. This is where confusion can come from when different people see that person differently to someone else, it is because each person is shown a different mask.

When an inauthentic person comes into contact with an empath, they know they can’t hide their true self from them, so they do all they can to cause ill feelings towards the empath.

There are three possible reasons that change has happened:

They Act as a Mirror

Their Vibration is too Fast

Their Stillness is Wrongly Interpreted

The Mirror Effect

An empath will pick up on people’s emotions and that includes their behavior and real personality and sometimes the empath will project the behavior and personality back onto the person, they may not even notice they are doing it. The result is that the fake person is actually seeing themselves for what they really are and they don’t like it one bit, and that is why they take a dislike to the empath.

Your Vibration is Too Fast

As an empath it is not good to be around people who ooze negativity, it is draining, to say the least, there are those that can’t stand to be in an empath’s presence as their clean vibrant energy interrupts their need for life in the negativity.

When you discover that you are an empath and go through your awakening you shine brightly and will find people drawn to you. Your whole outlook on life changes for the better and that friend you may have had for decades doesn’t like the change in you. They will try and bring you down and stop your growth, time to remove them from your life as hard as that sounds you will be better for it in the end.

Your Stillness is Wrongly Interpreted

When an empath appears quiet, distant and at peace, this can be perceived as being rude, aloof even acting in an ignorant manner. You are not what is happening is you can protect yourself from the negative vibes, your senses are on overload and you are even unconsciously putting up a barrier to what is deeply affecting you.

The more insecure someone is the more they will dislike being around an empath, they can’t accept the changes in you and they will see you as a threat.