The Kind Of Heartbreaker You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Do you find yourself being called a heartbreaker just because you are being who you are? It could be all down to your zodiac sign.


You live a cycle of falling in love, getting bored, losing interest in your partner and then moving on.

This could be down to your adventurous spirit and if your partner isn’t on the same page then it will be hard to maintain a relationship with you.


You really have a deep fear of getting hurt and don’t want anyone to see your vulnerable side.

You tend to get attached to people, but once attached you shut them out as to you that is your way of preventing any hurt.


You are a challenge you have no idea what you really want as you are all over the place, but this doesn’t bother you, but it does your partner.

When your partner pushes for some kind of commitment and answers you push back by moving on.


You are a people pleaser and more so when it comes to your family and friends, so if either say they don’t like the partner you are with, you won’t think twice about getting rid of them.

Time to grow up and think for yourself before you hurt too many innocent people.


You are a big-headed show-off and love to be the centre of attention, this is what attracts you to people and they see you as full of fun.

The problems start when your partner wants to take centre stage at times, you see that as an insult and promptly end the relationship.


You constantly overthink everything and that includes your relationships, and when doubts set in, instead of facing the issues and dealing with them you leave and often give no reason why leaving your partner hurt and confused.

Explanations do not have a part in your life as far as you are concerned if it’s wrong you owe no one an explanation.


You have high expectations and as far as you are concerned very few if any are worthy of your time and attention.

When you do meet someone who you think could possibly be a match and then they ‘fail you’ you simply just disappear leaving a ton of heartache behind. 


Relationships are on your terms only, at the beginning you make it clear what you want from them and expect them to abide by your rules.

When your partner starts to kick back as anyone would you get rid of them pronto, you need to learn relationships are not a contract with a default clause.


You can be incredibly selfish in your needs, everything has to be on your terms and to meet your needs.

You even make big life-changing decisions without consulting your partner and when they push back you simply do ‘my way or no way’ routine.


You are so ambitious that you leave your partner way behind you, you act like it’s no big deal and if they are not as ambitious as you first thought then you dump them fast.

Your whole life is mapped out and you intend for it to be a reality if you believe your partners aren’t on board you simply don’t care.


You are a deep and intellectual person and you expect your partner to be the same, you want the long meaningful conversations long into the night and a passion to change the world.

If your partner isn’t on this page with you then you have no hesitation in saying its over, sometimes via text! 


You’re an artistic soul and your partner needs to have an artistic flair too or it just doesn’t work for you.

You are very expressive through your art, be that painting, poetry, writing a book, if your partner doesn’t find this appealing you take it as an insult and break up with them.