The Impact You Have On The Person You Say You Love When You Cheat Can Last A Lifetime

Cheating on your partner behind their back can be one of the most painful and devastating thing you could do in a relationship. It might have meant nothing to you, but you might have been everything to this person.

Whether your dissatisfaction led you to cheat, or you did it for the thrill of the unknown, you might not realize it, but your actions can absolutely shatter a person’s sense of self-worth. Cheating can leave everlasting effects on your personality. It serves as a reminder that your presence and love was not enough for them, and that you lack the ability to keep your partner satisfied and loyal. It breaks your entire perception of love and happiness. It brings that sense of discomfort, anger, confusion and a lifetime of regrets.

When you resort to cheating in an otherwise healthy relationship, you put your partner down in various aspects of life. You send the signal out that you perhaps never loved them.

You may choose to disagree, and that you could never put your beloved in such a messy situation? Would you? To make them question their self-worth? To realize that even after all these years, they certainly didn’t understand you that well. To realize that you didn’t value their trust and reliability? 

“Was I wrong all along?”

“How could have I fixed our relationship?”

“Did I lack something?”

“How could you do this to me?”

These are some of the questions that race through your mind once you have been cheated on.

You don’t cheat on someone you love

To be cheated on in a long-term relationship can leave you emotionally vulnerable and heartbroken. You will always have your guard up to protect yourself from any emotional trauma in the future. To see your happy and perfect world shatter in a matter of minutes was something you never anticipated. Sure, it happens around us even in the movies, but this pain is just too much to bear.

They will always keep their eyes open for the next betrayal

They will always be over suspicious and analytical about their partners, but you can’t blame that on them, right? Even when they find the love of their lives, they will carry on the hurt and the bitter lessons of the past in the new partnership and they won’t have any control over it. They will always be more wary of people and the ways they can hurt and humiliate them. They don’t want the same thing to happen to them again.

They want to once again test the waters and put their trust in people, but it will take a lifetime for them to come to terms with the bitter reality. You might eventually realize that your ex was, in fact, a terrible person, but you will always view other potential partners on that pedestal. Congratulations but you’re an emotional mess now and you’re going to spend every moment of your life trying to find the negatives and ignoring the positives.

When you cheat, you send a message to your partner that you do not value or respect their feelings. You only care about your satisfaction and pleasure.

Are we no longer able to stick to one partner for life once we make that commitment?

When we commit to someone, we show our respect towards them. When we decide to cheat on them, we are basically coming off as unreliable and disloyal. Isn’t trust and loyalty the prime foundation of any relationship? Or do we not realize that?

If you aren’t happy in your current relationship, please leave rather than resort to cheating on your partner and giving them a lifetime of regrets and heartbreak. You don’t realize the damage you can inflict on someone.