The Girl With A Big Heart And A Sarcastic Mind Is Every Guy’s Dream

Many women are compassionate, honest, loving and caring because they have big hearts. There are also many women who are sarcastic and can be quite sassy and witty at the same time, but if you find a woman with all of these qualities together, you’ve found an extremely rare and different kind of woman.

Beneath her wit and attitude you find the most amazing heart. She’s confident but sensitive, brave but soft. It seems she will be hard to tackle, but she’s not.

If ever in a relationship with this kind of woman, know she will make this a rollercoaster ride. She will love you like no other and make each and every second count. She has a sarcastic mind but a big heart. Feel blessed to be dating her.

These things for sure will convince you why guys are crazy for her and dream of dating her.

1. She looks tough, but she is actually pretty sensitive.

Inside of this strong shell of woman, you find her big heart. Hard on outside and soft on the inside. She is witty, strong, sarcastic and one has the greatest comebacks, but deep down inside she feels everything more than others. Purely emotional and she never stops when it comes to loving.

2. She has a sharp mind.

This girl is quick on the uptake. She is smart and resourceful, and she can adapt to any situation. Whatever she’s doing, she knows how to make it interesting and fun.

She is straight forward and tells facts as they are. No matter how hard the truth is, she can say it easily. Her intelligence comes off in the form of sarcastic comments. She does not mean to be rude.

3. She withstands pressure.

She can easily deal with difficult situations. Her actions are not affected by her strong feelings. Throughout anything she stays calm and handles pressure properly.

She does show her emotions when she cannot hide them. You may see her crying when she can’t contain emotions but she quickly takes charge of herself and becomes strong.

4. It’s not easy to tell whether she’s just messing with you or she’s entirely sincere.

It is a mystery to solve whether she is flirting or is genuinely interested in you. Her indifferent behavior can make others think she is being sarcastic, but she is just trying to talk.

She can be wild and totally free. Does not care if her emotions are seen by others but for her to totally show you her soul, you need to take time and know her. Her enigma keeps others attracted to her. It keeps you on your toes as to what she is thinking about you.

5. She has a good sense of humor.

Humor comes naturally to her. She can be good with witty remarks and puns. Her jokes can often be quite crude and remarks often sarcastic, but her intention is not to offend anyone but to make a point only. If you are in a relationship with her, you will forever laugh and enjoy her humor.

6. She shows her affection in weird ways.

For her, love is not about outing or hanging out together. In fact she can be the one throwing parties to tell you how much she loves you. Don’t let go of her.

7. She doesn’t fear good comebacks.

She is not easily offended by jokes. She can even throw back better comebacks too. This helps her in tolerating others’ behavior, but if you ever try to be rude, she will know because that line can easily be crossed.

8. She may appear indifferent, but she actually loves hard.

Don’t be fooled by her strong outer shell. She may seem hard but inside she cares for you. If she likes you, her heart will beat only for you. She is so fragile from inside that hiding emotions is the only way to save her.

She may not show you her feelings, but in a relationship she will let you see them.

Compassion, love and kindness are her traits. She will always be there for your emotional support.