The Day I Found Out My Husband Had Cheated On Me Was The Day My Life Exploded

The day I found out my husband, the one with whom I made vows to spend my entire life with, was cheating on me, my world came crashing down. It was one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I felt numb on that day and for many months after.

It was just another regular weekday. I was rushing after the kids to get them ready for school, busy doing all the usual things that a mom does. After finally getting the kids to school, I came back home and decided to tackle the huge pile of laundry, collected from the day before.

As I was putting clothes in the washing machine, a cellphone fell to the floor. It didn’t belong to any of us, not me, my husband or my kids. With curiosity, I picked it up and decided to go through it, as I couldn’t shake the feeling that something about cellphone hiding in a pile of laundry was about to blow my entire world to pieces and I was right.

I turned the phone on. Within seconds, the wallpaper appeared. It was the picture of a beautiful girl, I didn’t know her of course, wearing a tank top, posing with a warm smile on her face. My heart dropped as I saw the person standing beside her as it was my husband.

My mind started to get cloudy and I unconsciously opened the gallery and immediately, I felt my stomach turn. My husband was with this girl, while still wearing our wedding ring. The thing that bothered me the most was that he seemed genuinely happy with her. I couldn’t remember the last time he smiled at me like that.

Thoughts started to go through my head. I started to believe that I wasn’t good for him, that’s why he had to confide in another woman to make him happy again. As I was almost drowning in my thoughts, memories then began to kick in. I started to think about all those nights he came late, going out on weekends for “work trips”, all the late-night calls he would get and the constant pings coming from his cellphone. I even checked the messages they sent each other, and I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I had to get out of the house our once happy home I just couldn’t breathe.

I was walking on a busy road, just trying to process what I just witnessed moments ago the noise of the traffic didn’t even register, I just kept walking until I realized I had no idea where I was anymore.

My husband called me, but I didn’t pick up.

How could I be so naïve to miss all those red flags?

My emotions got the better of me and I started to cry as I have never cried before. All different thoughts went through my mind.

Where did we go wrong? Did my mom body and sometimes tired appearance lure him away from me? Did he love her? What about our kids?

I realized that I shouldn’t blame myself for what he had done, I know I didn’t do anything to deserve this. I gave my fair share of time and love, maybe even more, to our relationship and to our family. If that wasn’t enough to keep him with me, then what would be enough as I was already giving him 110%.

I trusted him and he betrayed that trust in the worst possible way. He even looked different to me now.

I went home and arranged for a friend to pick the kids up from school and keep them overnight, she didn’t ask any questions I guess my tone said all she needed to know.

My husband called again I guess he realized I hadn’t returned his missed call, he was calling to tell me he was working late, yeah right, I now knew what that really meant.

I made some calls and a guy arrived and changed all the locks as he was doing that, I packed up all his shit into plastic bags and as night fell I put them on the porch and the cell phone on top so he would see it.

I sat in a chair in the dark, waiting for him to come home. I heard him pull up I watched him see all the bags and he picked up the phone, that was all he needed to know as to why I had thrown him out, he tried the lock and found his key didn’t work, he didn’t attempt to knock on the door, he just piled his bags into his car and drove away and in turn drove away from me his wife and his children to have someone younger in his life.