The 5 Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Friends

Friends come and go that is just a fact of life, but when we make friends for life, they do help us feel that we have the best friends ever. According to the zodiac, these 5 signs make the best friends to have.


They a blunt and won’t hold back if something needs to be said. They believe honesty is always the best way to be. They are never mean in what they say, they serve the truth with sensitivity and kindness although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. They are down to earth and hard working so often inspire their friends to be the same. Their advice will never fail you and they won’t hesitate to pick you up should you fall.


They are emotional by nature so will relate to your ups and downs of life, they will cheer you on when you are flying high and be a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough. They will be the helping hand you need even if you don’t ask for it, and they don’t care whether its day or night they will be there for you. They are creative by nature and are more than happy to help you with any plans for your home if you come up blank.


They are the sign who is the most understanding, they are great listeners and will do all they can to help their friends in their time of need. They are good at providing comfort and talk about the positive factors of their friend’s life when all they can’t see the woods for the trees. They cherish their friends and are extremely loyal and always make them a priority.


They are the most reliable and one you confide anything to and they would take it to the grave. They take being trusted very seriously and expect the same respect in return. They love social gatherings and a girl’s night out is what they love the most. They are life-time friends and you find that you grow together and they are your biggest champion.


Due to their selfless nature, they make amazing friends. They have a soft heart and often will put their friend’s needs before their own. They are the ones you can lean on when times get tough. They are straight forward people and dislike anyone who isn’t honest. They love to see their friends happy with their life and are often the first out of your friends to notice if something is wrong and they will instantly talk to you about it and see what they can do to help.