The 4 Signs Of The Zodiac Who Are Expert At Hustling

Have you ever wonder if the way someone behaves is down to what sign they were born under?

It seems there is an explanation for every person’s behavior according to their zodiac sign.

Hustlers know the name of the game and they play it well, you should never believe anything they say, they love to take advantage of people and according to the zodiac, these 4 signs are the worst. 


They have two different personalities they are known for the twins for nothing. You get a good side and a bad side. The bad side is manipulative and always gets what it wants often by playing on someone’s emotions which can lead to conflict which they don’t care about as the more drama the better as far as they are concerned.

They are the talkers of the zodiac so can manipulate any and every conversation to what they want it to be. Their quick mind enables them to talk themselves out of any situation and if it upsets people all the better, touchdown Gemini!

They treat everyone around them as mindless fools, they think that no one will see through their façade, and should you call them out on anything they get very defensive, at times aggressive and leave the person numb with what has transpired.


They can be liars and have no shame about it either. They won’t hesitate to lie to get them out of a situation or worse get you into one. They appear to enjoy telling lies and seeing the fallout like some kind of amusing game where they hold all the key cards in the pack.

They are extremely good con artists and they are so convincing that the con could go on for years, especially if money is involved and they see you like a never-ending source of financial gain, and they always have a convincing sob story as to why they need you to ‘lend’ them money yet again even though they haven’t paid back any previous loans.

Don’t be at all surprised after lending them money for some overdue bill that you see them the next day with a new outfit or shoes. If you ask them about it, they will often say ‘Oh this old thing had it in the closet for years, you’ve seen it before’ when you know deep down that you haven’t.


They can be real narcissists, they think everything they say and do is totally perfect in every way and that everyone is going to love them for it. They truly believe they are the best there is and are absolutely flawless.

They won’t think twice about taking your possessions and money even when you have little as it is and enjoy seeing the pain and suffering it will cause you. They have been known to sell family heirlooms such as rings passed down through the female line just because they know it will have such a deep impact on you.

They don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing to you as they believe everyone loves them and there is no fault to their actions. They can go over the top in everything they do so you become overwhelmed which feeds into your bodies defences and makes you anxious whenever around them. 


They really can be bitches and they don’t care, they will take advantage of everyone at every opportunity. You are like a toy, their new plaything to be played with and dropped then picked up again when the mood takes them.

They are not so interested in what you can give them materialistically as they get that for themselves and boast how they did it. What they want is to see you fall down, struggle back up, then watch you fall down again.

For them, this constant fall down, get up and a fight within yourself and your emotions is what they want, they want to crush you and then when they are bored, they simply drop you like a broken toy never to be seen again.