The 3 Most Incredible And Desirable Women Of The Zodiac Signs


If you have this woman in your life or are lucky enough to meet one and get to know them over time then you are extremely lucky as she will be all you could possibly dream of in a woman.

She will always make the effort to show you that she loves you, going the extra mile is effortless for her. She knows what real love is and that along the way a lot of sacrifices will need to be made as love is about compromise and talking things over with each other.

Men will be envious of you as her whole personality shines through and her smile can simply take their breath away. She will always be there for you, she is not only your lover but your best friend too.

She remembers every little thing she is like your walking human diary and she makes sure you are prepared in advance for any important event in your life. She knows that no relationship is perfect but she does everything with love and pure intentions as to not be like this hurts her soul.

She is never selfish about anything and she knows exactly what you like and she may buy little gifts for you to brighten your day or leave a little note in with your lunch just so you know she is thinking about you.

Spending time with her is peaceful and she is always interested in what you are thinking and feeling. Remember though she deserves this kind of love and commitment too, so don’t start taking her for granted.


Finding a woman like this makes you realize that you have never really been in love before, everything before now was a dress rehearsal. From the moment you kiss her life will change and all for the better.

It will seem at times like a fairy tale and you might even think you need to punch yourself to check you are not dreaming. Once you know it isn’t a dream you are more than likely going to start thinking about spending the rest of your life with her.

She will lift you up when your days are gloomy and stressful by making you laugh and seeing the funny side of your situation. She will fill you with so much positive energy and her sharp intelligent mind will blow you away.

She is a great mother and a faithful wife/girlfriend and she will always put her family first, even before her own needs. She will protect your children from the bad side of life as best she can, but she will also prepare them for going out into the world.

She needs you to show her the same level of commitment she is giving you. She needs to be loved and supported when she has low times, and you will need to be ready to make sacrifices too.

She knows all too well that a relationship is not a one-way street and that your words must be backed up with actions for her as well as any family you may have. Make sure you don’t suffocate her though as she is a free spirit and needs to feel free yet in a relationship with you.


She is strong, independent, fearless yet at the same time can be emotional and good-hearted. She will only accept a man into her life that will be ready to lift her up when she falls down the same way she will do for him.

She is a very tactile person and not only with those she is close to and loves, but she also is very much a hugger and a kiss on the cheek kind of woman, so don’t let jealousy get in the way as that will ruin your relationship, it’s just how she is.

She can be an angel on earth but should anyone upset her and that does include you, then you will wish you hadn’t as the devil comes out and she is far from nice, to say the least.

She will not do anything in public to embarrass you and is always a lady in public, behind the scenes the ladylike behavior comes off and an enchantress appears and keeps you on your toes especially in the bedroom.

Her very magical essence will make you feel like all your problems have disappeared if only for a short time. Her positive energy and outlook on life fills you with hope for the future.

People just love spending time with her and should any man overstep the mark she shuts him down quickly as for her there is no one else in her life but you. She will love and respect you even on your bad days and she expects you to give the same to her.