Tequila Lovers: There’s An All-You-Can-Drink Jose Cuervo Express Train And Tickets Start At $111

We have some really exciting news for all the Tequila lovers around the world. Ever thought you could get on the train and drink as much as you wanted to? Well, it’s possible now. Jose Cuervo has come up with a solution for all tequila fans. This brand is providing the best it can for its fans. Imagine traveling from Guadalajara all the way to Tequila, Mexico with no limit on alcohol consumption. Yup this is the offer. You will get to have a great travel experience, you can drink all you want and even get to enjoy the scenery if you remain in your senses after so much drinking. Imagine sitting in tequila train heaven.

Let me walk you through the process of ticket purchase, but only if you are ready to jump the gun. This amazing website with the name of Travel pirates has an amazing offer of cheap tickets. You can purchase discounted price tickets for $111. Unbelievable, I know. That too, for bottomless tequila. There are three categories of tickets. Express, premium plus, and just simple premium. All include a cultural Mexican show along with round trip, an open bar for tequila, a tasting tour and also a tour of distillery of Jose Cuervo.

LA Rojeña is where the distillery is located. It’s a very famous old distillery that has been a pioneer of producing the famous artisanal liquor for about 250 years. You will get to see the barrel-stacked halls and how the tequila is made plus you will also get to see Plaza Juan Soriano and Margarita Bar. For this price, they offer a lot! Definitely not an offer that any tequila lover should miss. Imagine $111 for unlimited tequila and a round trip!

Mexico is famous for its beauty and people. There are many places to see in Mexico. People go there from faraway places for the tequila experience. It’s something not to be missed. You can go for trekking in Mexico, but if you’re interested in having a true tequila experience, you are in for a treat.

California has Napa Valley Wine tours to offer. It’s a similar experience with tequila on the train but not as fulfilling as having unlimited tequila! You get to experience so many different things on these tours. The Napa Valley Wine tour is a 3-hour train ride and it passes through the wine countryside. It also includes food with a four meal course for dinner, tasting of Casa Dragones and a special signature cocktail for the guests. What else can one ask for? It’s comparatively cheaper if you are not interested in Mexico one, however it’s a bit different. Wine tasting and tequila train have a huge difference; The Jose Cuervo Express Train has an unlimited tequila supply throughout the train ride, while the wine tasting is just that.