Survivors Of Emotional Abuse Have Unexpected Strengths

The human mind and body need affection and nurturing for it to develop and the type of affection and nurturing they receive is what impacts them for the rest of their lives.

When the attention given is of the negative kind it impacts how that person perceives life in general.

Those that have been subjected to emotional neglect for the main go unnoticed until they speak up and it is in this abuse that some of the strongest people emerge.

Too often those that have been abused are considered broken, they are not broken, yes, they have been damaged but they work through this damage during recovery and turn into people who when faced with life’s challenges are able to deal with these challenges in a way that others would perhaps fold under the pressure.

They are far more capable than people give them credit for and are not as vulnerable as most people assume.

1. They are quite understanding.

They have faced abuse and survived it, they understand what it is like to be abused and the personal roller coaster ride of emotions, so when they see someone who is struggling, they are often the first to offer a helping hand.

2. They are able to make the most of every situation.

Every day is precious to them, for they lived a life wondering if they would see a new day. They make the most of life and refuse to allow situations to control them, they are now the ones in control.

3. They are full of compassion.

They hate to see people suffering. They are full of compassion as they understand and relate to what that person will be feeling, they are some of the most empathic people you are likely to meet.

4. They are able to adapt to change with ease.

Nothing is allowed to stand in their way now. They face changes head on and adapt as they had to constantly adapt whilst being abused. They now view changes no matter what they are as a good thing and a sign that life needs to change again for them.

5. They are far more independent than most other people.

They had no one to rely on when suffering abuse but themselves, so they continue to rely on themselves, they don’t need help from anyone, they are just fine getting by in life alone if need be.

6. They are very giving.

They went from having anything that mattered to them stripped away, to then during recovery building up their life and along with it a few precious items that to them are symbols of their survival. They know what it is like to have nothing so if they see someone in that situation, they will give what they can to help.

7. They are more patient than most other people.

Patience was the name of the game when planning their escape, they are unlikely to get worked up or mad about small things and when times get hard which they do for us all, they calmly face them and work through that period of their life calmly and slowly, you will not see survivors react quickly in some cases, as they take their time to assess and see the whole picture.