Strong Women Often End Up With The Weakest Men

For some reason, strong women can attract weak men. The problem with that is the men are toxic and we should be with someone who matches our energy, not someone who treats you badly and brings you down.

If you’re a strong woman and wondering why you often end up with men who refuse to see your worth and aren’t on your level the things below might help explain why this is the case.

7 Reasons Why Strong Women Often End Up With Weak Men:

  1. Weak men are more direct with how they approach women.

Unexpectedly weak men are more adventurous in how they approach women in general, they are quicker to show an interest than a man who is strong in his own right.

  1. Strong women look for the best in others.

A strong woman always looks for the best in others, they believe that everyone has good in them which sadly isn’t always the case. It’s a good trait to have but it can lead to problems.

  1. Weak men look for someone with who they can benefit from.

Strong independent women can look after themselves, they have their own home, career and are financially independent. Weak men are attracted to this and see the woman as a meal ticket.

  1. Strong women don’t open up in the same ways.

Strong women are hard-wired differently, when they find someone, they want to spend time with they can come across as aloof and weak men find this fun and challenging to break her boundaries down.

  1. Weak men are sometimes drawn in by the confidence these women carry.

Confidence oozes from strong women and the weak men love seeing that. They take it as a challenge to break that confidence and leave her feeling vulnerable.

  1. Strong women sometimes don’t realize how weak these men are until they’ve gotten in too deep.

Strong women will let the weak man in, and then find out how toxic they are. Once the man has his hooks in her she will find it difficult to break free. Just because she is a strong woman does not mean she does not get attached.

  1. Strong women sometimes seek to fix others.

Being strong she wants to help others, she wants to see them grow just as she did, the problem is you can’t fix everyone nor should you want to. He should be doing all he can to fix himself instead of hiding behind her, he is a grown-ass man and needs to learn to stand on his own two feet.