Stop Giving A F*ck About A Guy Who Doesn’t Give One About You!

It’s exhausting to keep investing yourself both emotionally and physically into a relationship where one person offers their everything, and the other gives absolutely nothing in return. You recognize the fact that this relationship is doing nothing great for you yet you are unable to break ties with him because in your heart you want this to work. Here are the reasons why you should start caring about your happiness and stop worrying about him:

It’s a waste of time and energy:

when you keep showering your immense love and support to a person who doesn’t do or feel the same for you, it’s like slipping the sand in between your fingers. You really don’t derive any meaningful connection or happiness from this person.

Recognize your worth:

If you keep focusing all your energy on this one person who pretty much doesn’t even care about your presence or absence in their life, how will you find the person who will treat you like a queen? It’s good to give your best in emotional relationships, but you should recognize your worth when it’s time to leave a partnership that no longer serves you.

It won’t make him change:

Women need to realize that they cannot change a man’s inherent behavior. You can give him all the love and compassion you have to offer, but if he isn’t acknowledging your effort now, chances are he never will.

The amount of hurt you are causing yourself is too much:

As humans, we expect results from our continuous endeavors, whether it’s worldly goals or relationships. If you continue to give your best while still getting no love or compassion in return, you are bound to be heartbroken.

Be strong enough to let him go:

Sometimes we can be so infatuated with a person that even though they are toxic for us, we still decide to hold onto them tightly. Recognize the fact that the longer you hold on to this relationship, the more grief, and heartache you will have as baggage.

You will thank yourself in the long run:

It might be impossible and gut-wrenching right now, but you need to envision yourself after a few years; doing so well with the right person who was meant for you all along. You will eventually realize and ask yourself why you wasted your precious years and tears on a person who doesn’t even deserve you.

He is not that great, Believe me:

Don’t even try to convince yourself into thinking that this he is the love of your life, but he doesn’t even care about your existence, period.

If you are not on his mind, then he shouldn’t be on yours either:

Save yourself the hassle of overthinking and obsessing about a person who can easily replace you within a week. Do not prioritize him if he simply thinks you are an option to him.

You have given him enough chances:

You set this guy on the highest pedestal of priorities you had. You gave all you had to the relationship, and he should have reciprocated the same. It’s important to realize your value and move on from this person for good.

You deserve nothing but the best:

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t let anyone mistreat or demean you and here you are, still hung up on this toxic relationship. Realize the fact that you deserve the absolute best of what a person can offer and there is no need to lower your standards for anyone.