Sometimes Your Best Friend Is Your Guardian Angel In Disguise

We all have best friends that just seem to know us as well if not better than we know ourselves. We have a deep connection that is like a soul mate on many levels. They pick us up when we fall down, they get into all kinds of trouble with us laughing the whole time, sometimes we are even closer to our best friends that we are in our romantic relationships.

Below are some signs to look out for that our best friends are really our guardian angels in disguise.

1. They were there for you when no one else was

Have you ever noticed that when life gets dark and causes us pain our BFF knows we need them even without us calling them? How many times have you suddenly got a text or a phone call from your BFF right when shit is going down and you wished they were there.

They stick with you through all life’s challenges and they know that you would do the same for them. You both know you can rely on each other no matter what.

2. You are connected

You often refer to your BFF as ‘my person’ or my ‘girl soul mate’ and you really do mean it, sometimes you can get odd looks from those around you when you say that, that’s fine it just shows they have no idea what you are talking about and are not so lucky to have that in their lives.

There is this invisible connection that reaches out when you are apart and you both just know when you need each other.

3. They have a way of making you feel better

Your BFF just knows instinctively how to calm you down, they know the right thing to say and when you are anxious just the sound of their voice brings you calm and peace at a difficult time.

They have no problem sitting with you for hours at a time talking over what is bothering you and they will never minimise what you are feeling, they also protect you should someone attempt to interfere when you need alone time, they are rottweilers when needed to be.

4. They think you are perfect just the way you are

Your BFF loves you for you, all your faults, all your little quirks, they wouldn’t change anything about you. What may get on other people’s nerves to them is just you being you and they accept that about you.

They accept your flaws and support you to be the best version of yourself and they are totally down for anything you want to do to improve yourself, they can often be found joining in just to keep you company and for you both to grow together.

5. They look at your happiness as if it was their own

Your happiness is important to them, where others are jealous of you, your BFF is celebrating what you have achieved and shouting from the rooftops how awesome you are. They want to see you happy and achieving your life goals and they will often tell you it is no more than you deserve when you begin to doubt yourself.

Your BFF has a beautiful soul and they give out love unconditionally, they see you, they see all of you and they love you for it.

6. They are highly protective of you even if they don’t admit it

God help anyone who talks shit about you and they find out about it. They will stand up for you and to hell with the consequences, you may not even be aware this has happened until after they have taken the person to task, but you can be assured you will hear about the fallout and how they put the ‘person’ back in their hole.

If someone treats you badly, they will talk to you about having higher standards than you currently have for people you mix with, they aren’t telling you who to be friends with or have a relationship with, they are just trying to show you that you are worth more than your current situation.

7. They are there to support and never to judge

You can tell your BFF anything and they will never judge you, they are not your friend to tell you how to live your life, they are your friend because they want to be. That doesn’t mean they won’t tell you that you’re an idiot at times as friends don’t always agree and it is not their place to act as an enabler as that is not what friends do.

They will listen to you even if you are repeating yourself over and over as they know you’re doing this because something is really bothering you, they will give advice when asked for it and they are not ‘that know-it-all- friend’ who gives an opinion without being asked.

8. They know you better than you know yourself

They miss nothing, you can’t fool them at all. If you fake smile they know. If you say ‘I’m okay’ when you’re not they know. They won’t get mad and view this as a lie, they know you’re just not ready to talk right now and that’s okay they will wait until you are.

After a break-up they know you will be feeling raw and tempted to text the ex to try and sort things out and they will almost become a body-guard over your phone and tell you ‘don’t even think about it’. Kinda cute and annoying as fuck too but you know they are only protecting you.

9. They know all your secrets

You know whatever you tell your BFF stays there, they take your secrets to the grave, no matter how dark a secret is you are safe in the knowledge that they would never betray you and that means everything to you and to them.

You two can often be heard saying ‘we can’t stop being BFF’s or we’d have to kill each other as we know too much!’

10. They are irreplaceable to you

It doesn’t matter how many friends you have the bond with your BFF can never be matched. There are things only the two of you share, you are like twins and often have ‘in-jokes’ only you two can understand.

There is nothing possessive about your friendship as you both have other friends as well as mutual friends, but your friendship beats all those hands down.

If you are lucky enough to have a BFF like this cherish them as they are your guardian angel and we only really have one in our entire life.