Sometimes You Just Have To Be Straightforward And Mean To People

We all want to be known for our kind nature, softness, and sweetness. Yet some people will never be happy with you until you’re miserable. You need to learn to treat the people the way they treat you; you can’t keep letting people treat you like crap while you treat them kindly in return.

Those who try to take advantage of your sweetness should be treated assertively and straightforwardly so that they know you will not be taken for granted.

Step back when you feel like you are being used.  

Not everyone in your life is loyal. Those who are mean and try to use you, be firm right back, and move away from them.  

You don’t need to give an explanation to everyone.

Not everyone deserves your explanation. You are responsible for your actions and you don’t need to tell anyone why or why not you do things.

If you are irritated with someone, tell them.

If you are pissed off at someone, tell them right away. You don’t need to keep things bottled up to spare anyone’s feelings. Tell them if they are crossing lines and irritating you.

Don’t let your mean girl sleep forever.

It’s good to let your good girl sleep when your devious one needs an awakening. People who are mean to you shouldn’t get to see your good girl side. If defending yourself, and not taking anyone’s bullsh*t makes you a bitch, than so be it!

Don’t put a fake smile on your face.

If you think that you don’t need to smile all the time for the sake of people, you don’t. Yiu are not obligated to be happy. If you are feeling down or having a rough day, don’t be afraid to show it. People who care about you should get it and not want you to put on a facade that you are happy, when you are not. No need to hide your emotions out of fear that they will offend others.

Mirror those who try to play you.

If there are people in your life who play games with you, don’t be afraid to put them on mute and play their little games right back. It’s not always good to be spiteful and show people how it feels by acting how they act, but sometimes it’s necessary! Tell them that you have tolerated enough and you won’t tolerate the BS in the future. Try to cut those toxic people out of your life completely, as that’s probably the best way to win at their games.

Not all the people you have in your life will like you.

Please stop bending and breaking yourself to please others. Your life is yours, and you should never have to spend it worrying about pleasing others over being yourself. Remember that not everyone who is in your life is worth pleasing.

You can walk away anytime you want to.

If you are uncomfortable with any situation, instead of being humiliated, you can walk away. You are an adult and noone in this world has the power to control your life. Don’t stay around those who offend you and make you feel bad, walk right out of their lives because when you drop a toxic person from your life, you make space for someone great.

You can’t be loved and respected by all.

Keep in mind that you can’t be loved by everyone who comes into your life. Respect yourself over anyone else, and walk away from anyone who doesn’t respect you.

You don’t even have to speak to people.

There are certain people who come into our lives and they just annoy the ever living f*ck out of us. Not everyone is vocal to people they don’t like about not liking them; fighting isn’t the type of person they are. If you don’t like or want anything to do with a person, simply stop speaking to them entirely, they’ll get the hint. As a well known saying goes, ‘actions speaks louder than words’, apply that to your life.

Get infuriated when needed.

If you are sick of dealing with someone who disrespects you, you have every right to show them that you’re bothered by it. Don’t tolerate it and tell them to their face that you need respect or else you will kick them out of your life right there.  

When you can be kind, you can be cruel too.

You may like to pamper the people you love. You deserve equal coddling, but when not treated the way you are treating them, start being the way that they are to you.

Convey them via call or text if you can’t mean to them on their face.

Sometimes, it’s hard to say from your mouth how you feel. It’s okay if you can’t say it that way. Whatever you feel, whether pleased or pissed off, say it via text or call. You never should have to keep it inside.