Sometimes People Question Am I A Narcissist? The Answer Is You’re Probably Not!

Often when people have been involved with a narcissist and they then challenge that person they get thrown in their face ‘No you’re the narcissist’.

All that has happened there is the narcissist doesn’t like being called out, so is reflecting back on the innocent person what they the narcissist are.

A narcissist has no real idea what narcissism is, or they are aware of it because they have been called out on their shit behavior before but deny it to themselves because as far as they are concerned they are far too superior to have anything wrong with them.

A narcissist doesn’t care what their behavior is as to them they are perfect, they can do no wrong, so they are quite simply unable to comprehend narcissism.

So, now the narcissist has planted a seed of doubt in your mind and you’re wondering if you are a narcissist.

The truth is we all have some narcissistic tendencies and that’s normal, what isn’t normal is when a person is a complete narcissist.

Psych central have an online test you can take for free and it has been commended by the medical profession as accurate. You can find it here.

You can ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly to find which ones are true about yourself:

  • I have little empathy for others
  • I become angry or depressed if I am not the centre of attention
  • I have to win and hate to lose
  • I rarely apologize
  • I am almost never wrong
  • I am better than everybody else
  • I seek to manipulate others for my own ends
  • I have only superficial relationships
  • I am obsessed with status, wealth, power, and appearance
  • I find fault with nearly everyone around me
  • I treat others in condescending ways
  • I deserve special treatment
  • I violate others’ rights and privacy whenever it suits me
  • I delight in spoiling others’ good moods
  • I hold grudges over even minor incidents
  • I listen impatiently when others talk about themselves because I want the topic to be about me
  • I bully others to get what I want
  • I get away with things that others consider wrong because I am cleverer than everyone else
  • I am infuriated when I feel slighted or disrespected
  • Other people envy me and want what I have

If you answered yes to less than six, you do not have a narcissistic personality disorder.

If you answered yes to more than seven, you may have unhealthy narcissism. 

You can seek out a qualified therapist for consultation, doing that alone will tell you that any narcissistic tendencies are minor, as narcissists tend to not seek help as they truly believe there is nothing wrong with them, so, therefore, do not require help.

You can also use these questions and test to discover if you are too closely involved with someone who is a narcissist.