Some Signs Just Don’t Care What People Think, They Live In The Zero F*cks Zone

Some signs of the zodiac have no problem with giving zero fucks to what people say and think, no one can intimidate them, and they have no time for those that think it’s okay to disrespect them and think there will be no comeback.

These 5 signs just don’t hold back, ever!


This sign has no time for anyone who thinks it’s okay to waste their time. They work you out quickly and never hold back in telling you what they think about you. They literally give no fucks and if you can’t handle the truth you are in for one bumpy ride being in their presence. They can smell bullshit from miles away and they will call you out on it in front of everyone.


This sign tolerates shit from no one. If you have an argument with them, you will lose. Their minds are sharp and whatever they say they can always back it up, its like they have a photographic memory of everything you have ever said or done, they are literally the human version and screenshots, so if you go up against them you better have all your ducks in a row or they will destroy you and not give it a second thought.


Now, this sign is devious with their zero fucks. They are all sweet, charm and delight until the second they get bored of playing nicely, then the mask falls off and the real bitch comes out to play. Do not mess with them, they will not hesitate to bring up everything and anything to set you straight and in their eyes, you are worthless to them, so best watch your back and never overstep the boundaries that have been set.


This sign appears very calm, cool and collected, an ideal friend, right? Wrong! If you hurt them in any way no matter how slight or worse even imagined, then it’s all bets are off and they will swiftly show you what they are capable of being and doing. They have no problem-fighting in a public place as when the anger takes over the fucks takes flight.


This sign appears to be so kind and loving, you couldn’t be more wrong. They will have no problem telling you to fuck off and they are the same way with friends, family and even those they have just met, no one is safe when they decide your time is over and you need to jog on. Never turn your back or you could find it full of knives and no way to remove them.