Some People Just Drive Us Crazy And According To The Zodiac These 5 Signs Are At Expert Level For Doing Just That

Have you ever wondered why some people irritate you more than others, it could be down to the zodiac sign they are born under.


A Taurean woman will literally have you pulling your hair out, she is stubborn to the point where you wonder if she had ever changed her mind or listened to anyone else’s point of view in her whole damn life.

She is quick witted and intelligent and knows just what to say at any given time that can leave you speechless.

You can be 100% right and she will still think you’re wrong, show her evidence and she will still say you’re wrong, either be ready to be constantly wrong or start spending less time with her before you find yourself on a vacation of the medicated kind. 


A Gemini woman is totally loony toons, she will say one thing, then within seconds change her mind and say another, until you don’t know whether you are coming or going.

They can be fun to be around if you are willing to put up with the constant mind changing but be warned they can be happy one minute and total psycho the next.

They do like to gossip and have a knack of badmouthing people, remember if she talks shit about people to you, you can be sure she is bad mouthing you to others too.

Never put yourself in the position where a Gemini makes crucial life decisions, or you could find yourself in deep trouble. 


The Virgo woman is the queen of holding grudges that seem to go on forever, most likely because they do, they won’t let things go easily and if they feel you have wronged them, they go all out to make sure you pay for it.

As the perfectionist of the zodiac she is an everything in its place woman, try living with her and you will soon find yourself walking on eggshells if you move things and can’t remember where to put it back.

Candle slightly out of place, cushion square and not at an angle on the sofa will all scream out at her, and she will not hold back in telling you that you have annoyed her and ruined her perfect space.


The Libra woman hates confrontation of any kind, she will literally pretend there are no issues, attempts to talk to her about anything bothering you will fall on deaf ears and she will act like everything is perfect when it isn’t.

Don’t ever ask her to make a decision as she will procrastinate for hours or even days whilst you’re left hanging and wondering if you should just make the decision and deal with any consequences later if she doesn’t like it.

They can be sulkers too, instead of speaking up and dealing with anything that bothers them as they don’t like conflict, they revert back to being a child and just sulk until they get their own way, you end up crazy just waiting for this woman to decide or commit to anything. 


She’s a dreamer this one, lives totally in a world of her own and they can’t be relied upon to do anything they said they would do.

They say one thing and you think fine that’s all sorted, to then have her say another, talking with her is a challenge as more often than not she isn’t at home, she is off in the land of dreams despite looking at you as if you have her full attention.

Her constant changing of her mind, or even forgetting completely what she has said so she needs reminding will seriously irritate you, but don’t let her get away with it or you’ll end up insane.