Some People Can Suffocate You As They Are So Clingy, According To The Zodiac These 5 Signs Latch On And It’s Hard To Remove Them

There is always a little bit of clinginess in any relationship the problems start when it goes from a little to you feel like they are wrapped around your legs and you can’t move. Once the line has been crossed the suffocation begins.


Bit of an emotional roller coaster this sign, if you pay them attention, they may think you’ve fallen in love with them, they can even start thinking wedding bells, kids and whole future mapped out.

They can fall in love so easily and because their mind is constantly changing it may not always be you, they are in love with. They will get confused so will try and hold onto you and will leave you feeling that the only option is to run.


Faithful and reliable, when they fall in love, they give all of themselves, they have no idea how to love any differently.

If you don’t feel the same way, get ready for a barrage of questions as to why, what is wrong, why can’t you love them that way, the questions will be endless and with each question they are digging deeper and deeper until you feel buried alive.


This sign is a perfectionist paying attention to every single detail and that includes relationships, it’s like being analysed with every word you speak everybody movement.

They tend to be clingy as they believe the partner, they have chosen to be with is perfection, so as a perfectionist they don’t want to lose that perfection. They sound like the fucking Borg don’t they!


Oh, our ‘drama queen’ of the zodiac. They will cling on so tight to you it will be like a leach draining you of your blood.

They are prone to hysteria and screaming just to get your attention and they never let up. Once they attach themselves to you, they are very hard to get rid of.


This sign knows its clingy and that is a choice they have made to be like this and have no intention of changing how they are.

You’re wasting your time telling them this is not the right way to behave as they know this already, they provoke drama if they feel threatened with losing you, they know it’s a risk, a calculated one at that, you’ll either stay or go, if you go then they will find someone else to cling to.