Some Men Are Angels And Some Are Demons And It Could All Be Down To Their Zodiac Signs

Boyfriends are the mystery of life without a doubt. They keep us on our toes and get up to all kinds of mischief some we find funny and some we do an SMH and wonder what the hell were they thinking.

It’s when we encounter the dreaded fuckboys that life takes a more sinister turn and we wonder how the hell we found ourselves in this position. Below are ranked from angels to fuckboy what the signs are more likely to be.


Cancer men are not the ones to jump from one relationship to another, they much prefer to be with one woman and devote all their time to her, being a player just isn’t in them. They want a deep connection and prefer long-term relationships.

Once they find you, they give you all their attention, they literally make you the centre of their world and in doing this it just isn’t in them to hurt you in any way as to hurt you hurts them.


Virgo men like to act all tough and have no emotions they fail at this in an epic way as once they find a partner, they go all out to make their partner happy and will give them their full attention, no wandering eyes here.

They never talk about their past relationships and this is not because they have anything to hide, they feel it is insensitive to talk of the past when they are building a future with you.


Libra men are very honest and sensitive to everyone they come in contact with, never more so when they find a woman they want to be with. They are not the kind of man who will even think of sleeping with you unless they have fallen in love with you and feel a deep connection.

They will always have time to discuss what is bothering you and if they see you upset, down, even depressed they will make it their life’s mission to lift you up and show that they love you even on your bad days.


Capricorn is as straight forward as a man can get, what you see is real, they will tell you what they are thinking straight to your face even if the words may sound harsh, they are just being truthful with you.

Secretive behavior is not how they roll they have no times for mind games and detest people that do, they have little time for male friends who act the fuckboy as they view that as being tarred with the same brush and they will not appreciate their reputation be damaged even by default.


Pisces men are genuinely good guys, they will treat everyone the same and they love to make people laugh. You will always feel comfortable and safe in their company. The warning here is that because of this behavior you may think they have feelings for you when they don’t, keep in mind, they are like this with everyone, not just you.

They have in no way intentionally hurt you they just have no idea how to separate the line between friendship and love, this is why this sign is often known as the best friend as well as the lover and some women want that.


Aquarius men have a deep-rooted fear of getting hurt, they really struggle with commitment, if they do try and commit be warned they do tend to have backups should the relationship fail, it’s their safety net, one which causes many to get their hearts broken.

They are known to keep in touch with their back-ups even in a relationship and this causes the problems they have been trying to avoid, they are their own worst enemies as if they didn’t do this the relationship would have a better chance of working.


Taurus men have one thing that bothers them more than anything and that is rejection. They are nice guys usually, but if a woman rejects his advances and makes it clear she isn’t interested he will lose it. He can’t see what is wrong with him so takes rejection very personally.

The problem when rejected is he can turn into a bit of a monster and can become very cruel best to steer well clear of him as it can get very intense and he never learns from previous mistakes regarding rejection.


Leo men are used to doing all the chasing by themselves. They will not respond to loads of texting or calls, as far as they are concerned, they don’t need to keep in touch with you 24/7 and you don’t need to know what they are up to.

They act like this when they aren’t quite sure if you are the woman for them, plus if they are like this and another woman comes along that they want to see there is no commitment and you have no say.


Aries men are kings of relationships. They will spend time not only with you but other women too and see nothing wrong in doing so. They will lure you into this kind of relationship without you really knowing what is going on until its too late you have fallen in love big time.

You will get hurt by them and the kicker is that they will blame you for the hurt you are feeling because as far as they are concerned you shouldn’t have been stupid enough to fall in love with them and any commitment you think was there is all part of your imagination.  


Gemini men have real issues about being confronted by anyone. Should you call them out on their shitty behavior they will simply act like you do not exist. They will avoid your messages and calls even going as far as to block you, after all, they got what they wanted and now to them, you are some clingy bitch.

They are not known for committing to any kind of relationship as they get bored easily and to them, there are so many women out there, they want to try them all and you only get in the way.


Scorpio men have no real idea what they want, they constantly send mixed signals all the time, the truth is they don’t know if they want to date you, marry you or dump you. They can one day be totally in love with you and want to give you the world, the next day they are bored and irritated by you.

The roller coaster ride with these guys leads to a lot of heartaches and they quite frankly don’t care. They got what they wanted from you now onto pastures new.


Sagittarius men know how to work the fuckboy magic on every woman they meet. They are charming, charismatic and they make you feel as if you are the only woman in the world that they want to be with, what is really going on is they want to sleep with you and once they have, they are done with you and move on.

They don’t tend to date but give it the appearance of dating until they have achieved the end game and really don’t care that you are left broken-hearted by their actions.