Single? Time To Pamper Yourself And Here’s A Short Bucket List For You

Firstly, you’re not really single at all, you are in the most important relationship of your entire life, and that is the relationship you have with yourself.

How long have you been postponing even the simplest things in your life because you were in a ‘relationship’ that was very demanding on you?

Don’t be afraid to do things alone, the me, myself and I time is crucial to our well-being and no you are not being selfish!

Alone time is just as important as is time with friends and family.

Make your own bucket list of things that can be done alone, it’s surprising how many ideas you come up with of what you would like to do alone when you start your list.

Here are a few of mine that I’ve been working through:

Make your own personal home spa experience

Sounds so basic doesn’t it, but for very little expense you can have your very own spa. Start collecting candles that you have always wanted but just never got, buy that extra luxury bubble bath, get in that bottle of wine you have always wanted to try. Then set aside an evening of just you, your personal spa and relax.

Start a day with a sunrise

We are always so busy rushing around getting ready for work or doing the school run we often forget to see what is going on outside. Stop! Yes, stop for just a few minutes when you get up, look out the window and watch the sun rising, take in the incredible colors and watch as the day comes alive. Go outside with your morning coffee and just look around you, you’ll be amazed at how calm you become ready to face the day.

Do things you think are crazy

Yes, I mean it dooooo it! There is nothing wrong with doing crazy things now and then that you think ‘OMG if my friends could see me now’ if it makes you happy why not. Try it you may find yourself having more fun than you thought was possible and that’s a good thing.

Travel to a faraway country

Have you ever seen a TV show of a country you can only ever dream about and wished you could visit it? Get that place on your bucket list and start saving, give yourself a goal of when you want to go, don’t get hung up about it though if the time comes close and you haven’t saved enough, move the goal time only you know about it anyway. Carry a picture in your purse of the place, consider it your go-to happy zone when things get a little tense.

Book a last-minute flight

Pack a go bag, put it in your closet and leave it there. When shit gets too much and you feel the need to get away, book a last-minute deal even if it’s only a few states away. Fly there! Yes, fly there it will make it feel like a break and have that time to energize yourself. Meet new people, have fun.

Explore your own surroundings

How much do you really know about the place that you live in? Get online and explore your home town as if you were looking at it for the first time or as a tourist even. You’d be amazed at what you find out and can have so much fun exploring.

Go road tripping

You do not need to only road trip with friends, although they do make it fun, you can have just as much fun alone. Get your supplies in, buy the candy you forgot from your childhood, gas up the tank, crank up the music and just drive. There is nothing like a road trip to feed the soul.

Be a master chef in your own kitchen

Always wanted to try a certain dish but know your friends wouldn’t like it? So, go buy the ingredients and cook it, put on some music open a bottle of wine and just relax and cook to your heart’s content. Then sit down and savour every damn mouthful. Worst case scenario and it tastes like shit you have pizza on speed dial, right?

Lie on the top of the hill and stargaze

Stargazing is an incredible thing, it can be done with someone and alone. Grab a blanket and just lay there looking up. It’s amazing how peaceful you begin to feel, emotions come out that you weren’t expecting and that’s okay, that’s a good thing to feel.

There are many more options on my list, these are just a few, try making your own and enjoy your life to the full.